The LA-hailed newcomer drops her trippy new tune.

Dava drops new tune
Dava drops new tune

Dropping her psychedelic new track today is LA-hailed newcomer Dava with “ASOS”. Showcasing her smooth flow over a trippy modern-pop beat, Dava cements herself as an artist to watch in this breathtaking tune. Having picked up underground buzz from the likes of Lyrical Lemonade and Elevator, Dava is set for a take over and with her debut EP “Sticky” on the way we’re excited to see what 2020 brings to this fast-rising artist.

Speaking on “ASOS” the singer said, “I’ve learned how to come from a place of self-love instead of self-doubt, because when you grow up alone and you’re the only person motivating yourself, it’s easy to get down” We caught up with Dava from lockdown talking inspirations, the EP and what’s next.

Check out the interview below…

Hi DAVA, how has lockdown been for you?
There’s a lot of uncertainty in what the future holds. Things can feel a little helpless right now. But I’ve also been working really hard on my music and trying to channel how I feel into something productive. Music is really all I have to look forward to right now.

How has it influenced you creatively?
As I was finishing my EP I noticed the last two songs were heavily influenced by the state of the world. Maybe not lyrically, but the darker tones.

Who are your influences and musical heroes?
I’ve always really loved Gwen Stefani, specifically when she was front woman for No Doubt. Frank Ocean is probably the artist that inspires me the most, though. Listening to blonde always reminds me that I wanna do and say so much more.

How did growing up between the melting pots of Texas and Oklahoma affect your sound?
I was only living in Texas for a short time with my aunt so I don’t really remember it. Growing up in Oklahoma however, was quiet. We lived in a small town and I had a few friends but I never really felt settled there. I always wanted to move away, so after high school I did. I look back and appreciate it, though. Without it I may not have gotten the relationship with music that I have now. Playing the guitar for me really started as a way to keep busy and play along with MTV music videos in the early am.

How would you describe your genre in three words?
Alt-pop glitter.

How has your sound progressed with your “Sticky” EP?
I feel like I’m finally doing the work. I have to give so much credit to my band and my producers though. We pushed ourselves to think differently and approach making this project with no expectations for genre or message. All we wanted do is make good music.

What is “ASOS” about? What does it stand for, and what was it inspired by?
“ASOS” was really a fresh start. I just moved to LA and it was really just me saying I’m here and I’m not gonna stop. As a new artist it can get overwhelming, there are factors against you. I really just wanted the song to exude the determination I was feeling. There’s no particular meaning behind it being called ASOS, it was in the freestyle and I ended up liking the idea. I can’t relate to copping high dollar designer brands and I just wanted to be real.

What did you want to convey and get across from the music video?
I wanted to introduce myself. I grew up obsessed with music videos and artists that were good at creating optical illusions and dreaming up their own world for fans. Making videos is just as fun for me as the music is.

Your songs have an empowering element – why is this important for you to get across in your music?
I just wanna find my people, music is always something that comforted me and I hope I can do that for other people.

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?
With this single I just want people laugh with me over lyrics and enjoy the ride. I know that this song isn’t as serious but in times like these its nice to shine a little light.

What’s next for you?/What are you excited about in 2020?

more music, more advocacy, bigger ideas and thinking tall.


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