The Bristol-hailed alt-pop trio are back with another banger.

Bristol-hailed group KOKO drop their new tune
Bristol-hailed group KOKO drop their new tune

Back with a high energy anti-violence anthem is Bristol-hailed trio KOKO with “(I Don’t Wanna) Start Fights”. Breaking away from their previous wild banger “Now That I’m Wanting More” – which saw the group go on an electro-gothic journey – the group dive in with thumping basslines and trippy synths on their new tune. KOKO discourages violence and encourages those not to engage in confrontation in this alt-pop tune.

Speaking on the tune the band said: “‘(I Don’t Wanna) Start Fights’ is born from many a night in Soho. Over the last twelve months, we’ve spent a lot of time in there (it’s where we write and record). Soho is a fascinating place by night! Without fail, there is always one person in every group that causes unnecessary agro, when everyone else is trying to have a good time. This is a song about that anti drama and trying to avoid it!”

We caught up with the Bristol-hailed group talking inspirations, new music and what’s next…

Check out the interview below…

Hi KOKO, how has lockdown been for you guys?
All bit weird really! We were meant to be playing a lot of shows and festivals over the summer which we were excited about that haven’t happened. We’re all in separate places too, so we’re itching to get back in the same room together!

How has it influenced you creatively?
We’ve done a lot of remote writing via Zoom and FaceTime, so we’ve got a good amount of songs we’re itching to finish once we’re back in the same room together.

How did the three of you meet?
At a mental house party in Bristol where we were all living at the time. It all kicked off from there, we gelled quite quickly and the band became a real thing shortly after!

And what do you each bring to KOKO? And what do you think makes each of your sounds so harmonious?
It’s a blend of a lot of different influences, we all have a varied and wide taste, not one thing makes the KOKO sound, it’s the collective attitude that makes it!

How would you describe your genre in three words?
Alternative dark pop.

Congrats on your new track “Start Fights” – what was it inspired by?
Thanks! We spent most of 2019 writing and recording in a studio in Soho, which often led to a night out after we’d finished. We used to see a LOT of drama, and it seemed like a fun way of documenting it. The song is definitely about NOT wanting to get involved in the drama – despite it sounding quite aggy!

And how involved were you in the concept of the music video? What did you want to convey and get across?
We did it all ourselves with the help of a really small crew in one day. We wanted to create a fun old school 90s hip hop video with a British twist. I think we’ve managed to create that fun atmosphere, it’s all very Koko!

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?
It’s a release from everyday life and the pressures that get you down. We want people to relate and connect to our music, we don’t want them to feel like they’re just watching any another band. It’s all about being together and all part of a growing family!

Who would be your dream collab?
We can’t stop listening to the new track from 220 Kid. We’d be well up for a collab – It’d be mad! We also feel like a Koko x Disclosure track could be an absolute banger.

What’s next for you?
A lot more music, fingers crossed we can get back to playing live too!


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