Sit back and make the perfect spritz with this crisp drink.

SELECT Aperitivo two glasses and bottle
SELECT Aperitivo two glasses and bottle

With summer and cocktail season in full swing, spice up your at-home bar with Venetian Spritz aperitif SELECT Aperitivo. Created in Venice by the famed Pilla brothers, SELECT Aperitivo is the perfect blend of 30 botanicals sourced from all around the world for that refined bittersweet taste.

Blending juniper berries and rhubarb roots, the drink is bursting with flavour and floral scents. The berries undergo a special distillation process for that sharp and fresh taste. The drink is a merger of the sophistication of Venice and the playfulness of Italy, making it the perfect drink for a night in with friends and late-night summer vibes.

For more information on the drink and how to make the perfect Original Venetian Spritz visit selectaperitivo.com