It’s confirmed we’re having a hot girl summer! Check out this week’s playlist featuring Megan Thee Stallion and BLACKPINK.

Meg The Stallion release new tune Girls in the hood
Meg The Stallion release new tune Girls in the hood

Megan thee Stallion – “Girls In The Hood”

Megan Thee Stallion has declared it’s a hot girl summer with her new tune “Girls In The Hood”. Sampling Eazy-E’s “Boyz-N-The-Hood”, the Stallion delivers a hard-hitting self-confident tune with playful lyrics and quick-fire metaphors. The hot girl anthem is a reminder that even if you come from the bottom, you can always make it to the top – how can we not stan!

BLACKPINK – “How You Like That”

The song has been out less than 12 hours and has already shot to number one on the iTunes chart. That is just how good it is. The K-pop quartet have dropped their first solo release since last year and Twitter have lost their mind. With Bollywood-inspired beats mixed with an addictive synth-pop production, the superstars are providing us with the perfect tune to dance our way into the weekend with.

6LACK – “Long Nights”

A new 6LACK EP? Someone pass us the tissues. Following up from his 2019 sophomore album East Atlanta Love Letter, the Atlanta native provides us with moody synths and evocative lyricism on this effortlessly stunning EP. Standout tune “Long Nights” is beautifully crafted with dashes of saxophone married with Ari Lennox’s honeyed vocals, against a backdrop of a piano-laden trap beat. Tune out from the world and sit back and relax with this soulful EP.

G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here

Releasing his highly anticipated new album today is Rollacoaster SS20 cover star G-Eazy. The alternative pop project sees the rapper’s more mellow side with slow nostalgic guitar-laden tracks and experimental sounds. With guest appearances from girlfriend Ashley Benson and Kossisko, the album is a sure hit and perfect for the weekend.

Camelphat & Yannis Phillippakis – “Hypercolour”

Their last tune “For A Feeling” had us hosting a quarantine rave in our home. Now the duo are back with their new single with Foals frontman Yannis Phillippakis, “Hypercolour”. Their signature hypnotic sound blends with Yannis’s melancholic vocals perfectly for a head-thumping bop. The musical powerhouse transports us the beaches of Ibiza with his clubland tune and we are not disappointed.

Joachim Pastor – “Sol Invictus”

With harmonising synths and head-pounding rhythms, is Joachim Pastor’s debut tune “Sol Invictus”. Taking inspiration from Daft Punk and Sonata Arctica, Pastor decked out his debut tune with melancholic chords and shuffling beats for a timeless hit. Speaking on the tune, the producer said: “When I made this track, the idea was to musically describe a space journey to The Sun. The beginning is dark and empty, but as you get closer to The Sun, the melodies become richer, brighter and powerful.”

Kelli-Leigh – “Whiskey Midnight”

Continuing her unstoppable run of catchy tunes is R&B singer Kelli-Leigh. With soaring vocals and a sensual smooth beat, Kelli-Leigh explores the more intimate side to her sound on new track “Whiskey Midnight”. Backed with easy rhythms and subtle synths this tune one of the best slow songs we’ve heard in a while.

Delilah Montagu – “Version Of Me”

Making her incredible entrance into 2020 is London-hailed singer Delilah Montagu with her self-assertive tune “Version Of Me”. With soft breathy vocals and emotional lyrics, Montagu ruminates the idea of fearless self-discovery. Speaking on the tune the singer said: “It’s about wanting to be your true self, but not knowing who that is, or what that looks like. I’ve been trying for so long to find the right words, the right time, and the right way to say how I feel, but when you’re questioning yourself that can be a terrifying reality to articulate. I’m so proud of this song and hope that maybe it can bring others the solace it’s given me.”

Oscar Welsh – “Sixteen”

Some songs just sound like summer-personified. And it’s really not hard to feel the heat when listening to the latest release from Suffolk-hailed bedroom pop newcomer Oscar Welsh. From the very onset, a funk-tinged melody sets the scene, with Welsh’s smooth vocals painting an irresistible portrait of first love. Play, repeat.


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