The Spanish quartet blesses us with tunes that inspired their new album, The Prettiest Curse.

HINDS Playlist
HINDS Playlist

The Madrid-hailed group have dominated the Spanish airwaves with their much-needed feel-good indie rock sound. Since gracing the cover of Rollacoaster’s SS20 issue the group have released their new album The Prettiest Curse, receiving critical acclaim for their female-empowering lyrics and rich productions. The female-fronted group have created an exhilarating new wave of female musicians that have called out the music industry for their archaic structures –  and we are here for it! The group are now blessing us with a playlist full of tunes that inspired their new album, featuring the likes of Tame Impala and Kali Uchis.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – “April Skies”

Jesus and Mary Chain was a really cool “discovery”. We had never spent time getting to listen to all their great music and we found them at the perfect time. They are such a cool band. They write really poppy melodies and make them super interesting with their production and structures. It was a cool inspiration for us, because we sometimes write what we call “too pop melodies” haha and we wanted to balance them with the energy of our band.

Ratatat – “Wildcat”

They inspired me with their guitar solos. I really like their sound effects.

Los Punsetes – “Opinión de Mierda”

When we decided we were gonna sing more in Spanish in this album, we knew we had to work a bit extra on it. First of all because the pressure was bigger (all of our friends and family were gonna understand what we sing about from now on), and second of all because we had never done it before. We have been writing songs in English for like five years, so we sort of already had a method and taste. So CC did this playlist called “Buenas Barras” including all the Spanish bands she likes the writing of, so we both could listen to it and discuss later on. Los Punsetes are the Spanish bible for lyrics, they are clever, simple and bitter.

Molotov – “Chinga Tu Madre”

They inspired us for ambience and backing vocals. In this album, there is a big wall of backup vocals/screaming takes in practically every song. Molotov have very energetic recordings, and you always feel like there was a gang telling something in unity. And I think that is very cool, and very Hinds!

Tame Impala – “Eventually”

This is a nice inspiration as a band in general. There are not as many big guitar bands headlining festivals anymore, so this is a good example on how to “make it “ without using backup dancers or confetti on stage haha (for the record: we love dancers and confetti!!)

Manu Chao – “Clandestino”

This whole album really got to CC. She made us have a meeting, and told us she thought we had to find a “concept” of our album before we kept writing. And it was all because of this! He used a lot of the same sounds in most songs, phone recordings, radio etc; creating an atmosphere during the whole record. We had never done this before, so we started thinking about how we felt, and what we had been writing about. Turned out we talked a lot about travelling, being far away from home, constantly surrounded by people but at the same time alone. We sometimes feel like we are blessed by a bigger force that’s making us do what we do. We live and die for music! That when we came out with The Prettiest Curse concept and album title.

Kali Uchis – Isolation

We really liked her album, that funnily came out the same day as our second album. We liked the production, and because of that we started trying slower tempos in our songs. “This Moment Forever” for example, I remember writing that song right after listening to her!

Alex Turner

Can’t mention inspirations without mentioning him. He is our all-time favourite lyric writer, along with Bob Dylan. He has a very strong personality and it shows in his writings.


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