Meet the rising alt-pop duo who are making waves in the industry.

SourFace release their new tune
SourFace release their new tune

Sour Face made a massive entrance into the music scene with their heavenly debut tune “Paradise Ain’t So Cheap”, exploring the trials and tribulations of life. With stellar productions and lead singer Dylan Bond’s mesmerising vocals, the alt-pop tune is a whirlwind of emotions with soaring synths and weaving melodies. With their highly anticipated EP mixed by Anthony Kilhoffer – the man behind Kanye West’s Yeezus, the project serves as a statement piece with raw lyrics that ripples with confidence.

Speaking on the tune, the duo said “‘Paradise Ain’t So Cheap” is about the search for beauty in the struggle. Waking up in a pool of sweat with your heart-racing knowing the day is just getting started isn’t very beautiful, but what comes from it, can be.”

We caught with the rising stars talking inspirations, the EP and what’s next…

Hi guys how are you, how’s lockdown been?
Yeah lockdown… You know that point when you’re held underwater for an extended amount of time, and at first your thrashing and fearful but as you start to go further the anxiety starts to slip away and you begin to let go, you’re drowning but all in all its pretty peaceful. Peacefully drowning in emotion, if that makes sense. Then there’s been a point after hours of meditation where you completely dissociate from the world around. Also been watching a ton of Pixar movies. “

How has lockdown impacted your creativity?
There’s a dent in my head from where I’ve been banging it on my desk. Trying not to listen to too much Frank Ocean, he’s so damn impressive and his music is so good that it makes you retreat a bit sometimes. Usually, turns to a Ted Talk about space travel after that. There have been moments during this time though that have made the outlook more optimistic. The way people have come together to protect each other during these trying times has been so inspiring. Sometimes it’s just important to listen a bit more.

Congratulations on your debut EP! What’s the inspiration behind it?
Thank you! For a while, we were really focused on world-building and trying to explore where we wanted to place the boundaries of our sound, so this is a collection of that exploration. This first EP is an introduction to our world, each song brings a bit of a different feel that we are going to dive into more in the future. It’s like Russian Roulette – it’s full of excitement but it always ends abruptly.

How did you guys come to form Sour Face?
“Human Killer” is the song that really sparked it. I had just emerged from the throws of heavy drug addiction and I was extremely sensitive. I was at a place where I was questioning everything and wasn’t sure if music was for me anymore. It was a process of realising that music was just part of the operating system, something I had to keep doing. Boaz and I had been friends for a long time and had written a lot together but it wasn’t until that moment that we came together to write “HK” that it clicked and we realized that there was something special here. Bo is also such a freak, his musical ability is just jaw-dropping, so it’s really just to hang with him more.

How did growing up in LA influence your sound?
I think it just brought a bit of freedom into the whole equation. When you grow up here you experience so many different kinds of people with so many different ideologies and so it just freed up the thinking. There’s no daily multivitamin you need to swallow. It’s okay to eat the ends of the bread on a whole wheat loaf. If your mom likes Santana and your dad is a heavy drinker you’re probably going to have to start looking for different influences.

Tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to make music?
In high school, I started playing the piano for therapy and just never really stopped, mostly because the trauma kept building up. Boaz’s dad snuck him a Hendrix cd when he was 11, which strongly planted the seed but his mom was pissed. He retreated into himself a bit after that but emerged like a phoenix playing the fiddle for Bill Cosby on Kids Say the Darnedest Things.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Tom Ford would be a dream. Any great Tom really… Thom Yorke, Tom Morello, Tommy Lee Jones. The only exception to the Tom rule would be Larry David.

What’s next for you guys?
Might be time for the debut album. We also have a spot that we found on Google Maps in the middle of a forested area that we are going to invite people out to for an immersive installation.


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