Photographed by mother Sadie Frost, the actor and singer covers the Summer issue of Wonderland.

Rafferty Law on the cover of Wonderland
Rafferty Law on the cover of Wonderland

Set to star in his first lead role in Twist, Martin Owen’s upcoming take on the Charles Dickens classic, Rafferty Law is poised to skyrocket this year. For our Summer 2020 Issue, the actor and singer reminisces on the filming process and how he gained confidence throughout it, as well looking forward to plans with his band, Outer Stella Overdrive. In lockdown with his family, Law is photographed by his mother Sadie Frost, and speaks on their family dynamic, the values she’s instilled in him and why he ultimately wants to be remembered for hard work.

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Rafferty Law
wears Omega
Photography by
Sadie Frost
Words by
Anya Cooper
Editorial director
Huw Gwyther