The New York rapper covers the Summer issue.

“I came into this business and really solidified myself as an independent woman, as an independent artist, as a self-sufficient creative, and as a resourceful human being, you know? And the industry, they really respect me for that! Even if sometimes they don’t understand me or include me, they understand it, honey. The world around me understands it.”

With their recent double-drop of albums Everything is Beautiful and Everything Sucks, Princess Nokia is as innovative, unapologetic and multifaceted as ever. For our Summer 2020 Issue, the New York rapper ruminates on their layered identity as an artist, the influence of their city, the importance of independently steering their creative direction and the mark their music has made on the world.

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Princess Nokia
wears Omega
Drew Reynolds
Francesco Loy Bell
Editorial director
Huw Gwyther