The Cornish singer opens up about “earth-shattering sex” on her new sexually-charged tune.

Polly Money releases her new sexually charged anthem Astrid
Polly Money releases her new sexually charged anthem Astrid

Offering us a dreamy escape is Cornish singer-songwriter Polly Money. The funk-pop singer has dropped her latest single “Astrid” – an ode to “earth-shattering sex”, played out on a retro-style beat. The magnetic singer is bringing the heat as her vocals soar on the sugary sweet track, giving us NAO and Kaytranada vibes.

Speaking on the single, Money says: “It’s about earth-shattering sex, the kind of touch you know you’ll never forget and most likely never recover from!”

We caught up with the upcoming singer talking inspirations, new music and what’s next…

How did you first get into music?
It’s a bit of blur to be honest, I don’t remember music not being a part of my life in some way. I remember growing up with music playing wherever we were and my brother would burn CDs for me of the music he liked. I really got into writing when I started playing the guitar. One of my first guitar teachers was a big Beatles fan and every year at school we had this gig called the Rock And Pop concert. I played “Here Comes The Sun” the first year and “Yesterday” the second. Those songs really helped my guitar playing and were some of my first gigs.

What music did you listen to growing up?
Growing up I was a beach kid. In the early days, I loved James Morrison, Colbie Caillat, Frou Frou and Paolo Nutini. We used to always have the Dixie Chicks blaring out on the way to school. I ended up singing with this American twang cause we were all into American Country music – it was kinda funny. When I got a bit older, I used to fall asleep to Craig David’s “Born To Do It” and got into the R&B of that time really. I always had early Usher and Neyo on repeat, I just thought it was the coolest music ever.

How do you think growing up in Cornwall influence your music?
I think growing up in a very sound trackable environment influenced me a lot. I’ve never been inspired loads by the things around me, more by things that have happened to me or someone else but being in a calm place with familiar sounds and the sea close by seemed to nurture and influence my writing.

Your music covers such relatable topics in life and love – is that really important to you, or is it more the cathartic aspect of it?
For me, I think it’s both of those things. The topics I write about are equally as important as the message they are sending, it allows me to express an emotion I’m feeling at the time or at least an emotion I want to write about. I very much accidentally stumble upon song topics, so once I have a seed or an idea I then fill it out with what and how I want to say it.

How much of your music is you figuring out your next steps and your twenties?
Massively. I always feel like I’ve never fully figured anything out so writing has always been a form of therapy for me. However, whatever I’m feeling whether it’s sad or happy there’s no hiding with writing and if you let it – it’s pretty much documenting your diary out loud. I find myself writing things that I’m too scared to say out loud and it really surprises me every time how playing or writing music always seems to clear my head. I’m always looking back on songs I’ve written and understood more about the headspace I was in at the time. It definitely has a positive effect on me in terms of figuring out my twenties.

Love that your new single “Astrid” is about “earth-shattering sex” – when did inspiration strike?
I wrote this around the time I came out, which was such a liberating experience for me. This sudden ability to be open and having sex with someone I fancied that pants off and very much was in love with just blew my mind really, it was such a fun time. Chloe my producer, had sent me the track to the song and I didn’t think much about it when I wrote it. I was feeling sexy and I wanted a sexy song to go with the fun I was having.

What’s the best piece of feedback you’ve had on it?
I guess we’ll find out what people think in the next few days but all in all it’s had a good response. The feedback I mainly get is people liking the fact it clearly about a girl and therefore talking more openly about my sexuality.

What’s next for you?/what are you excited for?
I want to keep writing and releasing at the moment with the aim to release a collection of something in the future, however that may take form. I’m excited to start gigging again – that’s something I really pine over at the moment. It’s a fun thing to do and I’m also just excited to keep developing a sound and writing different kinds of songs.


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