The 10 most addictive routines to learn during this lockdown.

Incredible Zigi - top 10 afrobeats dances to learn

Incredible Zigi

Incredible Zigi - top 10 afrobeats dances to learn
Incredible Zigi

COVID-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty and understandably many are feeling worried about the current climate. This has ushered into a rise in dance, as everyone is seeking fitness, stress relief, healing, and connection during moments like this. More than ever, we need to dance with the purpose to remind the world that tenderness still prevails.

A unique hybrid of highlife, hip-hop, and global beats is setting Africa’s dancefloors alight in this generation. African music especially West African’s tunes are extending throughout playlists across the world, and genres such as hiplife, jùjú music, highlife, and Naija beats, among others, are often lumped under the ‘afrobeats‘ umbrella. In the 70s, African beats were hugely influenced by the works of Ghanaian Afro-rock band Osibisa and the Nigerian Afro-beat star Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Now Afrobeats music is the new intentional wave of virulent music reaching outside of the continent and into the rest of the world. Sarkodie, FuseODG, Wizkid, Yemi Alade, Mr. Eazi, Olamide, and also DJ Abrantie have played a huge role in Afro-beats. As Afrobeats swells, afro-dance cannot be sidelined. The two go hand in hand, and true global conquest can be accomplished when the two factions operate seamlessly with each other. West Africans have always had a culture of rhythms and moves, hence why the new breed of Afro-dancers on the ground in Ghana are burgeoning and blooming on the international scene with their dance moves through social media. These top 3 dancers from Ghana have got outstanding dance tutorials for us to learn during these dark times, that there is still hope. Let your mind & body dance to sounds during this lockdown.

DancegodLyod - top 10 afrobeats dances to learn
Afrobeast - top 10 afrobeats dances to learn

(LEFT) DancegodLyod
(RIGHT) Afro Beast

DancegodLyod - top 10 afrobeats dances to learn
Afrobeast - top 10 afrobeats dances to learn
Afro Beast

Incredible Zigi

Michael Amofa aka Incredible Zigi, a leader of the AFROZIG Movement and Ace choreographer makes it top of the list as moves of his dance steps are most likened to a Spoken Word. Here are 3 originating dance styles and other dance tutorials from Zigi.

1. Kupe Dance

Kupe Dance is a song by Ghanaian-UK-based artist A-Star. But Incredible Zigi is credited to have created the KUPE dance steps. Watch this dance process in action, as Zigi takes as through his Kupe dance. This masterpiece, within a week, went viral on social media where a lot of people flooded Instagram with this dance challenge.

2. Pilolo Dance

Pilolo became a hit in New York City with Janet Jackson performing Pilolo at the end of her performance “Made for Now” on “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon. The name Pilolo was borrowed from a hide and seek game popular among Ghanaian kids. Zigi shows us how he came up with this dance steps.

3. Ena Dance

Ena’; a popularly used Akan language conjunction which translates to English as “And”. Ghanaians always say tales and put a slant to their statements with “Ena”. Making the narratives juicier and interesting see below some, Ena dance steps that are viral.

4. Shaku Shaku

Shaku is a Nigerian thrilling street dance panache that took not only the African continent but the entire world. Here is Zigi’s style to Shaku Shaku


Laud Anor Konadu is professionally known as Dancegod Lloyd is by no means less than one of the top dancers in Ghana. He mastered the art of social and dancing his way to the top. It is amazing to see how his creativity has been perfectly infused with African dance. He set up a dance academy DWP (Dance with a Purpose) with his dance buddy. Let’s take a look at some of his dance styles that’s setting the trend.

5. Shoo Dance

Ever since Shoo Dance hit on Instagram by DancegodLlyod people just can’t seem to get over it. Shoo dance has continuously gained popularity and shows no signs of letting up. The dance is a freestyle and traces its origin from DancegodLlyod.

6. Agbelemi Dance

‘’Agbelemi’’ in Ga in the Ghanaian language meaning” Open Inside”. This dance involves systematic movement of the legs, arms, waist, and the entire body. Here is a tutorial to the dance.

7. Ghana to World-Street Freestyle

The highly electrifying dance moves are associated with this dance craze on Accra streets with just pure beats whose roots have spread far and wide.

Afro Beast

Nicholas Botwe aka Afro Beast is smooth and steady on the rhythm as with his moves and steps. Emerging from the streets of Ashaiman, in Accra, he is described in linkage to people like Incredible Zigi he has broken through the status quo and evolved turning his dance skills into a career. He is also co-founder of DWP (Dance with a Purpose) with DancegodLlyod.

Brace yourself to see some of his dance moves:

8. Soapy Dance

Soapy dance song was by Naira Marley, the song probably is one the most impressive representation of Afrobeats dance scene that is blowing up and crucially racking up millions of views and streams. Here’s Afro Beast style of Soapy dance:

9. Akwaaba Dance

Akwaaba is one of the dance steps songs originated Mr. Eazi, Patapaa, Pappy Kojo and GuiltyBeatz . Akwaaba song, and Akwaaba dance definition can be put simply as” Welcome”. The song might be lyrically sparse, but its instrumental has been created to get you dancing, the first time the song hits your ears. The dance has become not only a national trend but popular across the entire African continent.

10. Azonto Dance

Azonto dance involves knee bending and hip movements. The dance has effectively evolved from a few basic moves to miming actions such as ironing of clothes, washing, driving, boxing, here’s Afro Beast style of dancing to Sarkodie’s Year of return dance tune:

These young men have the purpose of making an impact on society, they took advantage of social media to spread their influence across the world. They have endorsement from international entities such as The Shade Room, P Diddy, Ciara, Alicia Keys, NWE worldwide, Chop daily, Afro Girl Fitness, among others.

Years ago, dance was not magnified beyond mere competitions at parties. However, dance has obviously evolved over the years.

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