The singer’s new single and video is an ethereal exploration of a perfect love, and the hope that is born in the wake of heartbreak.

Xative premiere red
Xative premiere red

London singer XATIVA has blessed us with a delicate new single: “If I Am Falling”. Complete with gorgeous visuals by director, Ben Cole, the song explores the complexity of love, a story told through a gentle, acoustic-driven soundscape.

Speaking exclusively to Wonderland, XATIVA explains how, for her, the single “exposes the feelings of powerlessness, longing, and sorrow that can be caused by a toxic relationship. And yet the song is filled with hope, despite presenting an ideal that may never be realised; ‘If I am falling, let me fall to you’.” She continues: “More broadly, the song is about ‘falling’ in general, not just in love. It’s about maneuvering through the unpredictability of the future and the impossibility of maintaining complete control in this. The song, somewhat tragically, seeks the assurance that throughout this confusion and obscurity to be at least ‘falling’ in the direction of the person that you love.”

Speaking on the video, Cole tells Wonderland: “The song explores a hope for an idyllic and authentic experience of love, and we wanted the accompanying video to portray this dream. A few minutes of unspoilt love, however transient and challenging this might be off-screen. In a digitised era where supply and demand for love is aestheticised and easy to find, I wondered what sustainable love might look like. My grandparents on my mother’s side have been happily married since 1958 and became my instant source of inspiration. Their relationship oozes sweetness and care, something that the voice of ‘If I Am Falling’ longs for.”

“Staying true to the music XATIVA and I agreed our narrative would stem from the female perspective. My nana became the protagonist, and my grandpa her love interest. He represents comfort, devotion, certainty. Not a crutch, more a body to dance with, a familiar hand to hold.”

Xative premiere 1
Xative premiere 1

He continues: “We finished shooting two weeks before the UK went into lockdown. I haven’t seen my grandparents since then, other than dropping off groceries and shouting broken conversation from the street. We miss them. This Corona-centric era gives a new feeling to the film. The relationships portrayed seem more vulnerable. Most of our characters are more at risk. Over 95% of Corona-related deaths have occurred in those over-60. We are losing generations every day; stories are ending far too soon.

“I’m grateful to have filmed this story before the shutdown, and hope it shows the beautiful tactility of our pre-pandemic world. I hope to see it again.”

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