The LA-based singer-songwriter drops his playlist of top under-appreciated songs.

Justin Jesso curates playlist for Wonderland
Justin Jesso curates playlist for Wonderland

There’s nothing like a global lockdown to make you sit back and take note of all the things you’ve taken for granted. People. Situations. And music, of course.

And one artist taking stock of cherished music that he’s previously slept on is Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Justin Jesso – known for standout tracks such as “Stargazing” featuring Kygo, which has already hit over 700 million streams.

The artist has now curated a playlist for Wonderland: “Here is a list of songs that weren’t massive hits worldwide, or aren’t yet, but I think should have been. I feel, these songs are under appreciated. Songs that should be or should have been bigger.”

Think Jai Paul, MNEK, Jack Garratt and more…

Labrinth – “Jealous”

This one kills me. This is one of the best songs I think ever written. It makes me cry every time. I know this was a pretty large and well-respected song, but it baffles me that it didn’t become a hit as big as “All Of Me” and travel to the states/take over radio and streaming there. It is one of my favourite songs of all time.

Neiked ft. Dyo – “Sexual”

This song got pretty big in the UK and Europe, but I was fully waiting for it to take over radio in the states. It never did. What ended up happening instead: Maroon 5 used the vibe in their song “What Lovers Do”, which has about 3x the streams and massive radio play. They gave credit where credit was due, however, and the original writers of “Sexual” are credited as writers on “What Lovers Do”. I love Maroon 5, but this “Sexual” record should have been huge in my opinion.

Ingrid Andress – “More Hearts Than Mine”

I keep coming back to this one. I don’t know Ingrid but am so taken with the lyrics. It’s been out since last year and is definitely picking up steam. Here’s to pouring a little more gas on the fire. Get the tissues ready guys.

Jai Paul – “Jasmine (Demo)”

This is not a record that should be bigger in terms of radio play or anything, it is just about the coolest vibe I’ve ever heard.

Starrah – “Codeine Cowgirl (prod. Starrah & Aleksei)”

Another vibe. Especially today when vibes like this are popping off on TikTok. Starrah is one of the biggest songwriters of our time, penning songs like “Needed Me” for Rihanna, “Girls Like You” for Maroon 5, and “Havana” for Camilla Cabello. Those songs definitely got some high praise. With under 300k streams in total this one didn’t. But it’s sick.

MNEK – “Touched By You”

Man emotion! I was lucky enough to work with MNEK this past week. I fell in love with this song a couple years back. It think it is so honest. Definitely deserves a bit more praise.

Jack Garratt – “Surprise Yourself”

I love Jack Garratt. I’ve cried to this song while running on a treadmill in Norway overlooking a fjord. It will always have a place in my heart. I hope it finds a place in yours.

Toulouse – “So I Know You Care”

I went to college with this talented friend. I’ve always loved the intricacy and musical intensity of this tune. Another vibe. Well, really, so many vibes, amazingly crafted together to create a chaotic yet digestible and moving masterpiece that grows and grows. Its incredibly impressive. Every time I listen I find something new.

Nina Nesbitt – “The Best You Had”

I’m just a big Nina Fan. Loved having her on my song “Let It Be Me”. She is so talented and I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It’s a banger.

The Commodores – “Easy”

Ok so this one was definitely a big hit. But its one of my favourite songs of all time and therefore I feel deserves more love always.


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