Meet the Minnesotan newcomer with silky smooth vocals.

somegirlnamedanna drops her new single kitchen table
somegirlnamedanna drops her new single kitchen table

After making her entrance to the music scene in March, somegirlnamedanna is back with her new single “kitchen table”. Having already stacked up half a million streams globally with her single “hello i am”, somegirlnamedanna explores her childhood memories in this sugary-sweet alt-pop hit. Taking inspiration from her family home and upbringing, the singer delves into the key lessons she learnt growing up and how it has moulded her into who she is now.

After being selected by MTV as apart of their illustrious MTV Push: FIRST series, which has featured artists such as Justin Bieber and Doja Cat – we caught up with singer taking inspirations, dream collaborations and new music.

Check out our interview below…

How’s quarantine going?
It has been an interesting past few months for sure. I drove home to our farm in Minnesota to be with my mom and brother, and I have used this time to stop and remember what I am grateful for. Between shooting the music video for “kitchen table” with my brother, cooking and baking profusely and hanging out with my horses, I have definitely been keeping myself busy.

Who are your inspirations?
My biggest inspirations musically are Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos. Music was something that could speak when nothing else could, and these iconic songstresses showed that to me. Non-musically, my mother is my biggest inspiration – she always told me that if I’m going to sing something I better say something. Being a painter herself, she always taught me how important creative expression is – and I would not be here today without her.

When did you first realise you wanted to make music?
I remember the first time I heard “Fast Car” and everything stopped around me. The way these lyrics could make the world stop around you and encompass you in this moment of hope and despair made me want to do the same thing one day. We also had an old grand piano in our home that I would play everyday, picking up the guitar shortly when I was in the first grade. I was always surrounded by music growing up, so I just felt the most comfortable around it and knew I had to keep it in my life forever.

Who did you grow up listening to?
I grew up listening to anything from Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos to Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam to Death Cab for Cutie. We always had the radio on, and I don’t think I ever gravitated towards a certain genre, but was always in love with lyrics and storytelling. All of these artists and bands sprinkled a little bit of wisdom in my soul.

What is your songwriting process like?
I will usually come up with a concept or title first that I feel strongly about, and then I will write the bones of the song before I start incorporating music. Many times I will link up with one of my close friends who I personally look up to as a songwriter or producer and together we can solve the puzzle. I have learned that collaboration is such an important tool because it allows us to learn from each other and keep growing and improving. I have been so inspired by my friends in Nashville.

Your new song “kitchen table” is out now, what inspired this song?
I wrote this song when I was going to college in Nashville last year and feeling super homesick. I missed being with my family, smelling the food downstairs, hanging out with my brother. I started remembering all of these memories that surrounded our kitchen and our kitchen table, and I knew I had to write a song about it. This is one of the most special songs to me because of how it always brings me back to the little girl I was, drawing blue skies and rays of sunshine.

Who would be your dream collaboration?
My dream collab would have to be either Chance, Jon Bellion, Jacob Collier, Post Malone, Alec Benjamin, or Julia Michaels. There are so many other artists on this list but then I would be going on for the next 15 minutes.

Is there an album on the way? If so what can we expect?
Yes! You can expect to really get to know all sides of me, from the girl who shed tears on the page she was writing on to the girl who just wants to procrastinate everything and go out with friends. I wrote songs on this album about struggles I could never talk to anyone about, and I want to put them out there so others that feel the same are able to know that it’s okay and they are not alone.


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