Meet the Nordic five-piece ready to the world by storm.

Meet the 5 piece nordic rock group Lazy Queen
Meet the 5 piece nordic rock group Lazy Queen

Oslo-based alt-rock group Lazy Queen are back with their new pop-punk anthem “Throwaway”. With an infectious hook and abrasive punk demeanour, “Throwaway” showcases lead vocalist Henrik, and their deeply personal and harrowing experiences. Exploring self-destruction and anger with heavy and distorted guitar layers, the Nordic rock five-piece embrace all types of emotions in this powerful hit.

Lazy Queen have been building an impressive local audience through their high-energy and prolific performances. The group consisting of Petter, Jon, Peter, Jonas and Henrik, are well on their way to become a tour de force with their raw and honest lyrics.

We caught up with the group talking early beginnings, inspirations and what’s next.

How did Lazy Queen come about?
Lazy Queen has a long origin story, spanning two continents and fourteen members (me being the only original member remaining). It started out in New York with my friends Reyson and Julian (Reyson now plays in Alterpodes and Julian in Funcrusher), an era we now refer to as “Old LQ”. Now we’re Lazy Queen 2.0, the version of the band that lives on today, consists of Petter, Jon, Peter, Jonas and myself. It’s been a journey from NYC DIY’s, through knocking out teeth at garage gigs in the rainforest of Puerto Rico, to the “mean” streets of Oslo.

Who would you cite as your biggest inspirations?
I don’t really know if there is a “who” as much as there is a “what”. From the very start of Lazy Queen, my hope was to create something honest and inclusive. I was at a point in my life where it felt like I had been hovering just an inch over rock bottom for a long time, and it felt like if I were to create something at all it would have to be a somewhat transparent representation of that. In previous projects, I have had more of an outwards perspective, but here it felt like it didn’t really make sense to do anything but look inwards in order to somehow reach out.

And just as the band has progressed and developed musically, I’ve also tried to work out ways to get closer to how direct and open I’ve wanted our output to be. I have no wish to romanticize or moralize anything I write about, whether that be mental health issues or addiction. But rather to, present my experiences and continued work on myself. It’s been the only way for me to deal with my shit, and I feel like ‘Throwaway’ is the closest I’ve gotten to this yet.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Throwaway”
I started writing those lyrics back in 2012, before the band was even a thing. I had just got out of the hospital after an overdose and was trying to make sense of what was happening in my life and how it had affected the people around me. I finished the lyrics this year, from a very different place, but where I’m still dealing with a lot of the same issues. I’ve recently been thinking a lot about recovery, and particularly how mine looks compared to the narratives we’re fed through a lot of art and entertainment. It’s important for me to highlight this as a way of telling myself and maybe others that you’re not a failure just cause you haven’t seen your Hollywood ending.

How has growing up in Oslo impacted your music?
I think out of all of the cities I’ve lived in, New York is the one that’s had the most impact on our music. I learned so much from being in that scene, seeing how much can be achieved with a DIY attitude and a lot of love for your art.

How does the creative process begin?
Bad nights and productive mornings.

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Musa Mara.

What has been the best/funniest feedback you’ve had on your music?
Drunk Brit in Horten: “Three guitars. One bass. Brilliant.” And that was it. But honestly, what means the most to me is when people recognize themselves and their own shit in our music. A lot of what I write about comes from a place of feeling disconnected, but wanting to connect, so achieving that makes it worthwhile.

What are you guys most excited about?
Dropping “Throwaway”. And leaving 2020 behind.

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