On his addictive debut solo single “My Love”, making a quarantine music video, and future acting ambitions.

As next chapters go, Jack Gilinsky is opening his with a forcible bang. Chameleonic is one word to describe the talents of the LA-based singer-songwriter, who until recently was famed for being half of the multiplatinum pop duo Jack & Jack. But now, Gilinsky is stepping out on his own, confidently navigating these uncertain times, and with a laser-eyed focus on what will no doubt be a verdant solo career.

His debut single “My Love” featuring Houston disrupter Don Toliver, which debuted earlier this month, has already drawn droves of fan acclaim – an addictive pop-R&B hybrid, showcasing vocals which oscillate between playful rap and his impressive falsetto.

And in the sensual close-shot visuals, filmed entirely in isolation, fans are invited to roll around in the sheets with Gilinsky. He later has a bubble bath and cuts shapes in his garden.

We caught up with the singer-songwriter below and talked about his new solo career and future acting ambitions…

Hi Jack, how have you been? How are you finding this lockdown period is influencing your creative process? 
I’ve been great, really excited to get my music out and everything rolling. Being in quarantine has definitely influenced my creative process. I find that I’m learning more songs than I ever have before on guitar and piano. Which is bettering my general playing of both of those instruments. I haven’t been writing too much just because I don’t have a studio to go to in Nebraska. I’m taking a bunch of voice notes of melodies that I think of randomly so when I get back home I can start with some ideas in the studio. This lockdown is definitely forcing me to be more creative than I usually have to be in LA, where I have every resource I could possibly dream of at my fingertips.

Congratulations on your first solo single – what were the biggest challenges in creating it?
One of the biggest challenges for me was finding who I was as a solo artist. Identifying my own influences and inspirations so I could create something I’m truly proud of. Once I established what kind of vibe I was going for in the first release, it was honestly pretty easy putting the pieces together. The most challenging part of it all was preparing for a release in quarantine. I never would’ve expected to shoot my debut solo video by myself with the help of just my friend Josh and my parents, but it was a cool experience that i will never forget.

How has it been embracing this next solo chapter of your music career?
It’s been easy embracing this next solo chapter of my career. I’m having a lot of fun doing the creative behind my whole first wave of content. It’s fun to show exactly who you are as an artist and to have your own profile. I’m really looking forward to continuing my growth as a solo artist and introducing myself to a world of people who don’t know who I am.

Jack Gilinsky side
Jack Gilinsky side

What is “My Love” about? What was it inspired by?
my love is about loving someone so much, nothing they do could ever change the love u have for them. At the same time, it’s also about loving yourself enough to know when it’s time to move on from a relationship. it is definitely inspired by real events that have taken place in my life, but it’s not an exact representation of any one relationship i’ve ever been in.

Did you have fun putting together the isolation-style music video for “My Love”?
I had a lot of fun putting together the quarantine video for my love. the way everything came together was very unexpected, but it was a fun couple weeks of going back and forth with my creative director finding out how to make it as good as it could be in the circumstances we were in. I’m lucky to have such supportive parents and friends who are always willing to help me with anything I need.

How did the collaboration with Don Toliver come about?
The collaboration with Don Toliver was first discussed when I became a fan of him back in 2019. My manager told me he knew his manager and would reach out to see if they were interested in being a part of the song. We immediately heard back and had a bounce of Don’s verse within a week. I was blown away by the verse he laid on “My Love” and instantly knew this was the version that needed to see the light of day. He has been a cool guy to get to know and to work with. I’m really glad he’s a part of my first solo record. I believe he will have a long career in the music industry.

How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?
I don’t care what people feel when they listen to my music, I just want them to feel something. I want people to feel the different vibes of each song that I put out. some songs are more turn up and some songs are more chill. My goal is to make people feel a variety of different emotions and feelings when they listen to my music. I want to inspire people to do whatever it is they’re passionate about and work hard at it.

What’s next for you/what are you excited about? 
The next step for me is to continue to release music and work as hard as I can. I have so many songs that I want the world to hear and that I believe are beautiful. It takes a long time to reach that many people, but I’m going to take it day by day and work my hardest to inspire as many people as I can. I am also very passionate about acting. So I hope that my success in music can eventually lead to a debut as an actor.


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