Bask in piano-driven trap beats from the musical chameleon on his brand new relaxation hit.

Masego drops his brand new song
Masego drops his brand new song

Listening to Masego for the first time is an unforgettable experience. A tangible electric buzz emits from the trap house singer, enticing you with a marriage of saxophones and synths, transporting listeners to a world of self-care and melanin female empowerment.

After his latest self-assertive hit “Kings Rant”, Masego is back to encourage us to relax and breathe easy with his latest smooth-sailing tune “Veg Out (Wasting Thyme)”. Over a piano-driven trap beat, the singer pleads for rest and peace while radiating confidence in his flow and lyricism. Exploring the intersection of jazz and R&B, neo-soul vocals and his distinctive charismatic persona bursts at the seams of the song.

Masego’s viral mega hits have marked him as one of the major players in the music industry, with his global hit “Tadow” earning him a Gold Certification and his viral high energy Tiny Desk session surpassing five million views. It is clear that the self-taught singer, rapper and songwriter is a force to be reckoned with and is not slowing down any time soon. We caught up with the Lady Lady singer and talked inspirations and when can we expect the highly anticipated sophomore album.

When did you realise you wanted to make music?
When I was about eight, I remember seeing the musicians at church and I wanted to be apart of that community. The drums, in particular, looked like a way to let off some steam so I started there.

You often talk about black women and empowerment in your music, who are your inspirations?
I love black women! My mom’s a boss lady so I love when I see a black woman with a business. I love seeing them schooling me on property and investments and legacy. Way more than a muse to me. Inspiration wise I gotta say Zozibini Tunzi! Shout out to South Africa.

You have a song with The Game, how did that come about?
The Game hit me up on Instagram showing love to the music and he understands my approach to music. I’m all about putting saxophone on non-jazz music. I’ve been a fan of the dichotomy of the smoother music with raw lyrics about real-life stories, and The Game’s bout his art. End of the day and I respect the legacy he’s built and still building.

When you first made “Tadow” did expect the huge reaction that you received?
I felt like it was special. I couldn’t clock it success wise but I knew it would do what Ed Sheeran “Give Me Love” video did for me. I saw him make that song from scratch in college and I knew one day I wanted to start a fire within someone with my own art.

What would you say is the standout song on Lady Lady and why?
I love “Black Love”, it’s a slept-on song to me. I’m surprised it’s not in some black animated Disney film. Regardless, I’m gonna make my own film one day and put it on the soundtrack. It came from a pure place and I was happy, I could have a vivid mind and heart even though I’m not yet married.

Masego wearing a gold Grown and multi-coloured blazer
Masego wearing a gold Grown and multi-coloured blazer

How has your upbringing and background influenced the music you make now?
I grew up on gospel, the left of center gospel. I loved Kirk Franklin with Hair, Jmoss and Deitrick Haddon, growing up that took a different approach to a traditional genre. I grew up bored, so I went to the internet to find my community and find my sound. When there was nothing to really do in my town other than play basketball or join the military, and I’m thankful for how the cards fell.

What was the inspiration behind “Veg Out”?
Musically my keys player Dan Foster made the melody up during soundcheck one night on our world tour. “Veg Out” lyrically came from a conversation I was having with Shawn Butler. We were talking about just wanting to take all the expectations out a date with a woman and actually hanging with her to get to know her. Listen to music, lay up and talk etc. I was tired of the dinner and a movie flow, I hear about in every song and wanted to make a song about letting the moments happen a different way.

You’ve said travelling inspires some of your music tell us about a destination that inspired one of your songs?
I always think of Africa. Whether I’m touching down in Namibia, Johannesburg or Nigeria I feel more like a king there than anywhere. I feel like everyone there feels like royalty. It’s an amazing feeling, It makes me want to write about everything on my mind and it flows quickly.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?
I’d love to collaborate with Burna Boy. That man has been making timeless music for a while now! Pen game fire. Live show fire. And it would give me an excuse to fly out to Nigeria.

In regards to new music, is there another album on the way and what can we expect?
I’m working on the album for sure. For now, enjoy the pieces of my world I’m giving. It’s not just music this time, but physical places to visit and experience the music. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. 

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