Enter the dreamy and romantic world of the Swedish singer-songwriter.

Augustine with red umbrella
Augustine with red umbrella

After a massive 2019, 23-year-old singer-songwriter Augustine is back with a shimmering new hit single “Picking Up Speed”. Bombastic trumpets, lush instrumentals, soaring vocals, and a captivating love story leaves listeners in a sonic whirlwind – while the track bears a fragile message about the fear of losing someone.

After having his first three singles hit number one on the Hype Machine chart, Augustine went on to win Pop Artist of the Year at the Swedish Independent Music Awards this year. It’s clear that the singer is someone to keep a close eye on this year with his mesmerising voice capturing hearts all around the world.

We caught up with the emerging artist – talking inspirations, how he makes music and what to expect for him in 2020.

Check out the interview below

What was the moment you realised you wanted to make music?

I’ve always been fascinated with artists, bands and various frontmen for some reason. I was fast on idolizing people when I was young, putting up posters in my room and all. I guess I just tried to imitate them, taking songs that I loved and rewriting different parts of them. Not to say these edits were any good, it was more of a hobby for me. It wasn’t until Foster the People released Torches back in 2011, I got inspired to buy my first synth and I started to really compose my own music. That album meant a lot! Once again, I was pretty much just trying to imitate what inspired me. This time it was Mark Foster’s falsetto and pop music with an alternative touch. I found more influences as I went along and all that somehow gets into the songs.

Who did you grow up listening to?

I took after what was playing on the stereo at home! My dad played a lot of Bob Dylan and David Bowie while my mum, had more of a disco and upbeat taste like ABBA and other 80’s dance music. My brothers brought home different records and music videos on DVD, like Guns N Roses, Green Day, and Iron Maiden.
How did growing up in Gothenburg influence your music/sound?
I grew in a village called Jörlanda just outside of Gothenburg. It’s a very small, calm and peaceful place! I think it gave me a lot of time to focus on music and playing instruments and listening to different records all day. Gothenburg also has a strong indie music culture with lots of creative people and intimate venues all over the city, so that was inspiring to be around!
What was the inspiration behind “Picking Up Speed”?
I think it’s really about insecurity, first and foremost! The song is about building a little universe with someone. Just living in your bubble together, and feeling that everyone on the outside sucks. But regardless of how good it is, you fear that it could break at any moment. And you’re almost convinced that it will be any day now. I guess it’s a song that worries a lot, maybe for no reason. I guess I worry a lot! Often for no reason!

Why is love such a consistently explored theme for you in your music?

Haha, I don’t know really. I think it is always on my mind a lot, but I’m getting tired of myself. Every time I finish writing a song I think, ‘This has to be the last love song I’ll write.’ But somehow it always finds it way there! I think I’m fascinated about different relationships and how people get along or don’t get along with each other. I think it’s interesting to dig deep into these small moments.

What is your songwriting process like?
It usually starts with me and my producer/roommate/friend Rassmus Björnson in our studio, playing, singing and experimenting with new ideas. Later on, I’ll spend a lot of time alone at home writing the lyrics. Then we finish up the song together with our producer and friend Agrin Rahmani, who we’ve worked with from the start. Every song is a different process, but we love to take our time and vibe with the music for a while before releasing it. 

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Oh, so many. But Jamie xx, Blood Orange or Phoebe Bridgers would be very cool. 

What’s next for you/what are you excited about?
Right now I’m spending a lot of time writing in the studio. I hope to release a lot more music this year, so I’m very excited about that! This first year has been wonderful and I’m very humbled by the response I’ve got, so I’m looking forward to getting more music out there!


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