Tiger King, Unorthodox, Elite and more – here are our top Netflix picks to watch in isolation.

Best things to watch in quarantine, Tiger King on Netflix

Image: Tiger King/Netflix

Best things to watch in quarantine, Tiger King on Netflix
Image: Tiger King/Netflix

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

WATCH IT FOR: The hype

You’ve probably seen the hilarious Instagram filters, the conspiracy theories on Twitter, and endless memes, but this much is true: you will never witness something as bizarre, absurd and surprisingly true as the story of Tiger King. From country music diss tracks, to cramped zoos of 200 tigers, enter the wild and absurd world of Joe Exotic and how he managed to end up in federal prison for a murder-for-hire scheme gone wrong. It’s hard to describe this seven-part Netflix docu-series – but imagine pelvic tattoos with “Property of Joe Exotic”, accusations of feeding missing husbands to tigers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


WATCH IT FOR: That Gossip Girl nostalgia.

If Gossip Girl and How To Get Away With Murder had a child, Elite would be it. The sexy and seductive Spanish TV drama sounds like just another teen school screen recipe, but the series focuses on class differences, poverty, racial injustice, and is infused with LGBTQ themes – hooking you instantly. The show doesn’t shy away from diving in deep into the alluring lives of the rich and famous teens. With the series starting off with the death of a fellow student, you are immediately thrown into their world of corrupt parents – who are constantly pushing the envelope and students with more problems than a maths equation.

Money Heist

WATCH IT FOR: To keep the brain clogs turning.

The Spanish thriller La Case de Papel drops its fourth season this week and we’ve already got the popcorn and snacks on deck, ready for Netflix to send that notification. The drama focuses around eight master criminals attempting an ambitious heist on the royal Mint of Spain. However, the seemingly flawless and perfectly masterminded plan becomes blemished in practice, with hostages and criminals locked inside and police closing in. The show allows you to focus on each character’s narrative, leaving you tangled in a morally conflicting game of chess. Both sides will draw you in as each individual’s motives slowly unravel and come to the forefront, and with complications emerging in each episode, you’ll be addicted in no time.


WATCH IT FOR: A cathartic cry.

While the internet is really loving on Tiger King at the moment, we predict a big boom for a quietly beautiful and devastating four-part mini-series. Tune out everything for four hours and transport yourself into the world of Hasidic Brooklyn. Unorthodox introduces us to a young woman called Esther, who we see flee her Hasidic community in Brooklyn under mysterious circumstances. At first, the viewer is not privvy to why she is on the run, but slowly as the episodes progress, we’re fed flashbacks leading us into the dark upbringing of our protagonist. Without giving too much away, actress Shira Haas plays the role beautifully, evoking grief and slight naïveté perfectly, leaving us at times shocked, emotional and clutching tissues.

Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker

WATCH IT FOR: Pure heart-leaping inspiration.

Inspired by the biography of A’Leia Bundles – On Her Own Ground, comes four-part docu-series telling the powerful and moving story of the first African American millionaire. Portrayed by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, Madam C.J. Walker artfully creates a line of hair care and makeup products for black women, while overcoming the racism and prejudice faced as black women in the 19th century. Instead of portraying the protagonist’s life chronologically, the series details her life from middle age and the more intimate details of her emotions are showed through brief flashbacks. Historical rumours may have been exaggerated in the show, and fictional characters created to add to the storyline, but the powerful and soulful message is relayed beautifully regardless. If you’re looking to feel motivated and inspired, this is the show for you.

I’m Not Okay With This

WATCH IT FOR: The most relatable series title. And because we’ve all wished we had super powers before.

We’ve all been there. We’ve gripped our fists until our knuckles have gone white, wishing to fly, sink through a wall or become invisible, for but teenage girl Sydney, it’s a reality. While navigating the already tricky trials and tribulations of being a teenager, and reeling from her father’s recent suicide, young Sydney soon discovers her secret superpower rearing its head whenever she becomes emotional and angry. The coming-of-age drama is similar to that of Stranger Things, with a distinctive 80s vibe and angsty female lead.


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