Meet the country-pop rookie who is about the take the world by storm.

Ingrid Andress features in SS20 issue of Rollacoaster
Ingrid Andress features in SS20 issue of Rollacoaster

Taken from the Spring/Summer 2020 issue of Rollacoaster. Order your copy of the issue now.

Since receiving a scholarship to the prestigious Berklee School of Music, Nashville-based singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress has been mixing explosive dynamics with her intimate vocal ability to create waves amongst the country-pop scene. With already over 170 million streams to her name, Ingrid is the kind of artist who fits perfectly in the moment but has the staying power and timelessness to last.  This year, Ingrid is preparing for the release of her highly anticipated debut album Lady Like, out now — which she describes as the first eight pages of her diary — to showcase her deepest thoughts over the past four years.  We caught up with the artist to find out more about her roots, creative process, and how she went from singing in dive bars to performing in arenas and stadiums around the world.

Ingrid Andress wearing and pink and purple co-ord
Ingrid Andress wearing and pink and purple co-ord

Hi Ingrid! Could you describe the moment you knew you were born to make music?
Music was the one thing that made me feel blissfully happy and understood as a person. Nobody tells you when you’re young that being a musician is a “job,” so I thought it was never an option. It wasn’t until I found out you could go to college for music that it all instantly clicked for me. 

Being a prolific songwriter what is your creative process from start to finish?
Writing about real things that are happening in real-time is my favourite because you get to capture the strong emotions while you’re feeling them. The melody tends to present itself after writing a handful of lyrics that all make sense together and support the story of the song, so I try to focus on melody second. 

Releasing a debut album must be a scary yet thrilling feeling — how do you feel about everyone finally being able to listen to this body of work?
Each of these songs are glimpses into what has been going on in my mind and life, so I view this album as the first 8 pages of a diary that I can’t wait for people to dive into. Which is funny because normally you don’t want people reading your diary, but I do!

How do you personally plan on spending your album release day?
This album release day is going to look a little different than planned due to COVID-19. I would’ve been out on tour with Dan + Shay and having some tequila, but instead, I’ll be at home performing some of my songs on a live steam for everyone to celebrate the release (and still drinking tequila, of course)!

What would you say is the secret in writing a stellar pop song?
I’d say the best way to write a pop song is to get weird while saying something relatable. Nothing is off-limits if you’re writing about real things that other people are experiencing. But a catchy melody doesn’t hurt either.

I know you moved from Colorado to Nashville for creative purposes — how did this impact the making of your debut?
For me, creatively, it was important because I didn’t have anyone to hang out with, so I spent a lot of time alone. A lot of the songs on the album came from sitting in my apartment with a bottle of cheap red wine and just working out what I was feeling on the piano. Nashville has an amazing songwriting community once you find your people, but it’s tough breaking in at first because everyone is trying to make it in just as much as you are. 

Your track ‘Lady Like’ is a personal standout — could you explain the meaning behind this song lyrically and the message you wanted to portray?
I wrote “Lady Like” to remind myself and others that you don’t have to apologize for who you are. I hope we can work together to move past gender stereotypes so people can feel free to be who they are just as they are.

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