The noughties icon fronts the cover of our sister magazine Rollacoaster for the SS20 issue – in Juicy Couture, no less.

Paris Hilton for the SS20 cover of Rollacoaster
Paris Hilton for the SS20 cover of Rollacoaster

There’s not a Von Dutch trucker hat, or rhinestone tiara in the world Paris Hilton hasn’t tried on for size. The former socialite and 00s icon has literally done it all, whether it be serving fast food at a cut-price burger joint, cleaning the rooms of a nudist resort, or even packing sausages (with dog food) during one peculiar stint as a butcher.

Even a highly-publicised string of burglaries that took place at her Beverly Hills home were deemed worthy of a feature length film. I could list countless other instances Hilton was at the forefront of popular culture for simply going about her life, but then we’d be here for an eternity.

Greeting us with her signature soft-yet husky drawl, for SS20 we chat to the face of the 2000’s about fame, empire and her upcoming documentary – This Is Paris.

Watch the BTS video below as she takes us on a tour of her mansion…

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