This week is all about self-care with new music from the “What a Time to be Alive” duo, Drake and Future. As well as the low-down on the late Pop Smoke’s album.

Future, Drake, Lil Baby, Dababy – “Life is Good”

Fans have been eagerly waiting for these global superstars to reunite since their massive joint album “What a Time To Be Alive”. The hottest duo in the rap game Drake and Future are back with their club anthem “Life is Good”. After the huge success of the original track the trap team teamed up with our favourite babies, “Suge” rapper DaBaby and Mr “Drip Too Hard”, Lil Baby. The two-part song will have you attempting all types of TikTok dances with DaBaby having you hitting the “Woah” and Lil Baby will have you feeling iced out with quarter-million of chains. The track kicks off a big year for Future as it’s just been a year since his release of “WIZRD” and we can’t wait to see what the rest of the pack have in store for 2020.

B Young – “Wine”

B Young is the definition of quality over quantity as over the past couple years the London-based breakout artist and cultivated a short but wealthy catalogue of hits. He returns this year with a slow-paced track “Wine”. This guitar-ladeded ballad gives us the signature “079ME” singer style of smooth and enticing singing that’ll have you hooked within the first 30 seconds. He’s been keeping a low profile the last couple of months but hopefully, he is cooking up a full-length project.

Kirby – “Apple”

No, not the video game character, but the Memphis-born and Mississippi-bred and soul singer Kirby has released her debut album “Sis”. The song “Apple” is a strong standout and gives us black girl magic vibes with her authentic and nostalgic voice that will have you transported back in time to the Motown era and imagining late-night summer walks. The refreshing seven-track soul album is filled with mesmerizing guitar rhythms and bold female empowerment. Having a self-care day? Put this album on repeat and deep condition that hair.

Victoria Monet – “Moment”

Victoria Monet is the epitome of a modern artist, hugely talented and versatile with unique artistry. Monet is responsible for some of the biggest hits in contemporary pop, hip-hop and R&B and she’s back with slow and sexy single “Moment”. The single is apart of her long-awaited album “Jaguar”. The track is lust-personified to reality, as it encourages a lover to step up from fantasy and take satisfaction from the reality that they have created.

Pop Smoke – “Dior”

On the 19th February, hip hop lost one of their own with rapper Pop Smoke from New York City shot during a robbery that took place in his Hollywood Hills home. The rapper was just kick-starting his career with the release of his second mixtape “Meet the Woo”. Pop Smoke was on the rise and soon on the way to be a huge figure in the hip-hop world as his collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Skepta for the club anthem and mosh pit worthy song “Welcome to the Party” hit 48 on the US charts.

The artist had just collaborated with Catcus Jack leader, Travis Scott on “Gatti” before his untimely death. The drill artist paid huge respect for the genre as he solidified a link between UK drill producers and their US counterparts. The woo was gone too soon, but his music and the legacy he started will live on as we all know you can not say Pop without the smoke.

Andrew Cushin – “IT’S GONNA GET BETTER”

20-year-old newcomer Andrew Cushin is about to take the UK by storm with his debut single “It’s Gonna Get Better”. It is a huge introduction for the Geordie singer-songwriter who is already selling out headlining shows. The single put Andrew in a good position and we’re sure he is destined for big things this year. The sheer talent is shown with the rich emotion he displays in his lyrics, bringing emotion to life. The emotion, however, is one of optimism and redemption. The accompanying video depicts Andrew’s life in and around his home city of Newcastle, showing us his local heroes and famous backstreets. “Its Gonna Get Better” is released as part of the two-track EP which is also equally as stunning.

Maydar – “Rinse and Repeat”

Maydar is an exciting new independent singer and songwriter based in Stockholm. She has dropped a number of singles and one EP that gained the attention Swedish National radio and with over 900,000 plays on Spotify we’re sure that this the year for Maydar to shine and show the world who she really is! “Rinse and Repeat” is a fun and playful song as she mixes heartfelt yet playful melodies with straightforward lyrics filled with frustration and doubt. All this is combined to give us an absolute hit.