From Netflix viral hits to cult favourites, whatever situation you’re in, we’ve got a film for you this Valentine’s Day.

For the girls who get involved in everybody’s relationships but their own – Clueless

We’ve all done it. We have all said our new occupation is cupid when really and truly we should be focusing on our own relationship. Clueless is a prime example of a girl who gets too involved. The cult classic (based on Jane Austen’s Emma) is one of our favourites this Valentine’s Day as Cher reminds us of our self-worth, while of course serving iconic looks. But also humbles us and reminds us not to get involved in other people business as it can go horribly wrong. This film will have you wishing you could spend Daddy’s bank account on Dior and Versace.

For hopeless lovers – To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before P.S I Love You

The first film had us sitting in bed reeling when protagonist Lara Jean’s little sister sent off all of her love letter to her former lovers, leaving her to embark on a fake relationship with internet’s boyfriend, Peter, played by Spring Issue cover star Noah Centineo. The Netflix high-school film displays genuine chemistry and you’ll catch yourself smiling and falling in love with the two teenagers. There is nothing as innocent and hopeless as young love.

This category is self-explanatory – How To Be Single

Need I say anymore? So you’ve been in a relationship for 10+ and you’ve now broken up. What do you do? This film shows you that there is more to life than relationships, and you can find love and companionship in friends and the people around you. The hilariously funny rom-com stars the Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaid’s comedian Rebel Wilson and 50 Shades actor Dakota Johnson, who is trying to find her way in life after a rough break-up leaves her lost and confused on how to jump back into the dating pool. Also, if you want to know how to successfully go from the wildest night-out to work the next day this film will teach you just that.

For the Instagram and Facebook stalkers – You Get Me

This film is for the partners that check their other half Snapchat scores every time they don’t reply to make sure they’re not messaging anyone else and have Find My Phone as their most-used app. You Get Me is an American thriller film starring former Disney star Bella Thorne and Paper Town’s actress Halston Sage. The film follows Tyler, a high school student who is dating Sage’s character Ali. After a drunken argument, Tyler spends the night with mysterious and enticing Holly. But Thorne’s character Holly wants more than just a one night stand and goes full-blown Psycho. This film gives you twists and turns one after the other and proves that you might not be as crazy as you think.

When your partner doesn’t get you a present for Valentine’s Day – Gone Girl

Okay so he forgot your 5-year anniversary and he hasn’t brought you flowers in ages, so you start writing an absolutely outrageous and defamatory diary and steal his sperm for a plot of hard-core revenge. Gone Girl will have you shook to the core and thinking of ways to end your marriage. The 2014 thriller will have you on the edge of the seat, as it brims with suspense. Rosamund Pike does a phenomenal job playing the stay-at-home “devout wife” and Ben Affleck as the clueless husband. The film is a must-watch. The ending will have you furiously rewinding to see if what you just saw was real.

“I don’t need a man support myself” – Friend’s with Benefits

At some point or another, we’ve had that one “friend” who is always there for us and supports our “needs”. But that’s it. You are just friends for now, as long as you follow one simple rule. Don’t catch feelings. But of course, catching feelings is inevitable and it will happen eventually. Friends With Benefits is a great rom-com detailing the rules and regulations of a no-strings-attached relationship, and with favourite Mila Kunis, how could you not enjoy?

For the old school romantics – Emma

Don’t you just wish you lived in a time where literally all you had to worry about was how finding the most handsome, clever and rich guy? Now, all we get is a cheeky half chicken Nandos, without even a side of fries. Emma brings back that old-school romantic vibe with feature girl from our Spring issue Anya Taylor-Joy stealing the screen and Johnny Flynn stealing our hearts. A cute self-care cinema trip or with your other half is recommended for this nourishing film.

For the all-or-nothing lovers – Queen and Slim

We’ve all had our share of horrible first dates, but that is nothing in comparison to Queen and Slim. The black romantic empowerment film is one this year’s film to watch as it is a modern-day take on the infamous duo Bonnie and Clyde. The two are on a Tinder date gone wrong, which ends up with a policeman getting killed. The duo is then forced on the run and a whole list of complications arise and challenges them. The film is easily a 5/5 with Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya and our former cover star from our Autumn issue Jodie Turner-Smith. Oh, and did we mention the soundtrack is probably the best soundtrack since sliced bread, you’ll be hearing Megan Thee Stallion, Vince Staples and Burna Boy throughout the film.