Our favourite Hustla baby J Hus is back with a new album, while Doja Cat is turning heads in “Boss Bitches”.

Ari Lennox – “Bussit”

Listening to Ari Lennox is like applying moisturiser to your skin. You feel dry and ashy before, then as soon as you put on that oil it’s like everything just feels right again. She first teased the song “Bussit” in a cheeky selfie video that she posted on Twitter. Which led an uproar among fans demanding for her to drop the song immediately. The song is her first solo release since the success of catchy summertime hit “BMO” and album “Shea Butter Baby” and it did not disappoint. The song has a sultry and smooth-like honey flow, detailing Lennox’s need for the man in her life to be more open with her and not to be afraid of love. This song will have you hitting all types of notes in the shower as you wake up.

J Hus ft Burna Boy – “Play Play”

He’s back! Hustla baby J Hus and African giant, Burna Boy team up for a summertime hit to keep us warm in these cold winter nights. The love song proves why it was worth the wait for Hus’s highly anticipated second studio album “Big Conspiracy” which was released last week and has features from Grammy-winning reggae star Koffee and new artist Icee tgym, who is also J Hus’s sister. We caught up with the pioneer of Afro-swing last year where he spoke about mixing afrobeats into the rap scene “I’m reggae, bashment, afrobeats, US rap, UK rap. I’m everything you’ve heard, but nothing at the same time. Because I’m bringing it all together and making a new sound.”

Skengdo x Am ft Shennumbanine -“Bang”

The hottest south London duo in the UK Rap/Drill scene has emerged with a brand new tune to kick start the year. Combining ferocious mic skills with an unmistakable appearance, the pair have been heating up the streets with hit after hit this past year. Now they are back with Dutch rapper Shennumbanine for an addictive Dutch hook and slick video. They detail the compelling depictions of south London in this gritting and hard-hitting tune. If you need a gym song to push the boundaries with, this is it.

Cleo Sol – “Butterfly”

She’s back at it again soothing our souls and quietening your fears. London-born and raised singer Cleo Sol, has spent the past four years perfecting her craft with thought-provoking lyrics that reflect her personal experiences. And now she’s ready to take 2020 by storm, as she tells the story of a young woman struggling to have faith, and keep on going in this guitar-guided melody. We can’t wait to see what Cleo Sol has in store for the rest of 2020.

Doja Cat – “Boss Bitch”

Everyone’s favourite kitty cat joins the all-star soundtrack for Birds of Prey. Doja Cat is giving us with an explosion of colour with a pop-infused club banger. The dynamic rapper-singer-songwriter has released a powerful and fierce new track “Boss Bitch”. And let’s just say she is serving us looks in the video, as well as unreleased footage from the upcoming movie while giving us the empowering vibes. Add “Boss Bitch” to your playlist and trust me you will be walking down the street as if it is a runway.

LIONBABE – “Hot Herrre”

You are going to be so thankful for The Neptunes and Nelly for gracing us with this club classic because this is cover that you never knew you needed. New York-based duo LIONBABE, comprising of singer-songwriter Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman are giving us a neo-groove-funk tune remix to the original classic “Hot Herre”. Off the back of their sophomore 2019 album “Cosmic Wind”, this is their first single of the year and I could not think of a better way to warm up these cold days than with a house/funk take on the song.

Evan Giia – “Switch Off”

One to watch for 2020, Evan Giia is pop’s hottest newcomer and she’s ready to take over the charts with her new single “SWITCH OFF”. The song is giving us high energy and a distinctive touch in this melodic tune. Her breakout single “WESTWOOD” accumulated a massive 10 million streams on Spotify alone. She is someone you should 100% keep your eye on this year.

Boy in Space – “Caroline”

The Swedish-born singer and producer Boy in Space, real name Robin Lundbäck, lets his imagination run wild on his latest song “Caroline”. He welcomes listeners into a wild and wonderful world of creativity inspired by the idyllic backdrop of his tiny home town of Alingsås. Entering Boy in Space’s head will leave you feeling a little bit better.

Dayna Southall

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