Normani, Megan Thee Stallion, Stormzy and more are spicing up the weekend with their new tracks in this week’s Wonderlist.

Meghan Thee Stallion & Normani Diamonds Birds Of Prey Music Video
Meghan Thee Stallion & Normani Diamonds Birds Of Prey Music Video

Stormzy – “Still Disappointed”

We’re only in our second week of the new decade, and two of Grime’s most prolific artists have been working feverishly to set the scene ablaze in a series of sends so jaw-dropping Peter Andre has even tried to break it up. As of yet, Stormzy seems to be the undisputed winner (sorry Wiley), and his follow up to this week’s first send doesn’t hold back at all. The two have traded insults over sisters, dads, brothers (with Wiley’s half-brother Cadell replying doing his own send) and ex-girlfriends, but now it’s about the mum’s. With a fittingly firey video, Stormzy delivers blow after blow to the whole Cowie family, questioning Wiley’s position as the ‘King of Grime’ and ending with a cryptic-yet-casual lyric asking how Wiley would like to die, giving him a twenty-four-hour window to respond and blowing a cheeky raspberry to keep things sweet. We look forward to Wiley’s reply, maybe it will make it to next week’s Wonderlist.

Georgia – “Ray Guns”

With her sophomore album out today, alt-pop star Georgia shows her success was no accident, it was written in the stars. Seeking Thrills is an effortless demonstration of her ability as an artist who can confidently tackle a musical frontier yet unknown, with results that seem effortless and, sonically, sound delicious. The album is chock-full of musical gems, but a clear standout has to be “Ray Guns”. M.I.A.’s influence runs deep through the track, whether it be within the songs industrial glitch-pop production, or with Georgia even adopting the Paper Planes singers’ own droney flow. Expect surges of deep bass, metallic synths and harmonious steam train tooting – is it too early to take suggestions for album of the year?

Conan Grey – “The Story”

Following the announcement of his debut album Kid Krow on Instagram last night, indie-wonder Conan Gray also treated fans to a new track called “The Story”, a raw and beautifully poignant cut from the exciting project. “But I’m afraid that’s just the way the world works, but I think it could work for you and me” he confesses over soft acoustics and a twinkly piano. Albeit sadder than singles such as “Maniac” and “Checkmate”, Gray still seems optimistic as he shows off his raspy vocals. A lesson can certainly be gleaned from the soul-bearing lyrics, whether it be taking a chance by saying things you’re terrified to admit, or chasing an unrequited love. In any case, our hunger for the album has been well and truly satiated – at least for now.

Megan Thee Stallion & Normani – “Diamonds”

It’s about time two of 2019’s biggest breakout stars got together for a song, and for the Margot Robbie-starring Birds of Prey, Meghan Thee Stallion and Normani certainly delivered the goods. The dynamic “Diamonds” flits between Megan’s punchy bars and Normani’s harmonious vocals with powerful ease, and the action-packed video accompanying the track is just as brilliant. The girls are totally Harley Quinnified, speeding down highways in a drop-top, taking up roles as ringmasters and even donning the comic book characters signature mallet and bat to fight off an army of enemies, all of this done without breaking a sweat – and in magnificent costumes. And what’s an iconic video without a nod to Madonna’s “Material Girl”? They really did think of everything. As tunes for big soundtracks go, this one was definitely a match made in heaven.

Mura Masa – “Teenage Headache Dreams (feat. Ellie Rowsell, Wolf Alice)”

Having released singles with Clairo and Slowthai last year, the Guernsey-born multi-instrumentalist continues to keep heads turning with his stellar choice of collaborators. For latest track “Teenage Headache Dreams”, Masa has enlisted the help of Mercury-prize winners Wolf Alice, circling the band back to a poppier sound that is much akin to their debut single “Bros”. With the blessedly soft vocal direction of Ms. Ellie Rowsell, the artists fuse their respective genres into an ever-building dreamy-dance frenzy, like a cannon of glitter to the ears.

Bailey Slater