The NYC-based artist couple have dropped an empowering new music video.

There aren’t many artists out there who can say that they’re actually trying to make a difference, but New York City based artist couple BriGuel are one of the few.

Since they came together, Brianne and Miguel have been creating music and comedy television with a view to make a change in the world, and this much is clear from their brand new release “The Difference.”

And the heartwarming visuals showcase the couple’s bilingual bilingual vocals, and offers a quick glimpse of their forthcoming documentary film, scheduled to be released in 2020.

“There’s so much pain and suffering in the world, how do we each do our part to not only heal ourselves, but also heal others? How do we transform and what’s the key element to that transformation?” Asks BriGuel. “How do we do our part to ensure a better life for ourselves…and for our children?

That’s the driving force behind this project. We collaborated with our dear friends at Holistic Life Foundation in Baltimore to show that there are ways that we can not only heal and transform ourselves and our world, but also the world of others. Even in the most difficult and harsh of circumstances, we can find the positive, find the light. In the case of HLF, they bring yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-care techniques to their community in Baltimore – and around the world; in our case, we create music and film to spread an inspiring and positive message.”

For this project, we not only showcase the work of HLF x BriGuel via a documentary short revolving around these concepts, but also have created a music video and song featuring Andres Gonzalez, one of the Founders of HLF, a fantastic MC, some of the kids from the HLF Holistic Me Program and ourselves, BriGuel.”

Watch the music video for “The Difference” below…