Brockhampton get extraterrestrial in this week’s top tunes, as well as new releases from Charli XCX, and Harry Styles.

Brockhampton – “Sugar”

Ever been doing the dirty with your significant other and an alien bursts into your bedroom shooting one of you dead? Quite relatable, happens all the time. Brockhampton finally dropped their long-awaited video for “Sugar” this week featuring a raunchy sex scene, glimpses into the underworld and Kevin Abstract struggling to sing whilst stuck to the ceiling in some sticky green ectoplasm. Quite weird, yeah, but not one to be missed.

Klangstof – “New Congress”

In a way, Dutch indie band Klangstof sound like Radiohead vocals over the smooth instrumentals of Tame Impala. Their track New Congress, New Father is written around losing your confidence and feeling as though you’re failing at trying to please multiple people with a creative project. “The only way to get out of it was to hit the reset button in my brain and start over again. That’s what this song is about.”

Kaytranada feat Kali Uchis – “10%”

Almost making us believe we’re not currently deep into winter, the long-awaited return of Kaytranada gifts us warmly with a groovy house track topped with the angelic vocals of Kali Uchis. As the top comment on YouTube hints, this song will truly be in every setlist from now until the end of time; for parties, weddings, funerals and beyond.
The catchy chorus “you keep on takin’ from me, but where’s my 10%?” will have you reciting lyrics at every minor inconvenience. Definitely one to whack on next time your invoices get paid late or your housemate messages you saying they’ve used the last of the toothpaste, it’ll improve your mood 100%.

Allie X feat Troye Sivan – “Love Me Wrong”

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One to add to your heartbreak playlist, Troye Sivan leaves his high energy pop at home in this mournful cameo on Allie X’s latest track, instead opting for something more melancholy and we genuinely love to see it. Though this ethereal tune isn’t about romantic love, Allie explains on her Instagram, explaining that the song “is a very personal song for me, which deals with the confusion and hurt associated with familial love. Mostly taken from feelings I had when I was younger, this is a song about being misunderstood by the ones closest to you.”

Charli XCX + Tommy Genesis – “Bricks”

Want a seedy new bassy trap tune for the weekend following the election? Then stick Charli XCX and Tommy Genesis’ Bricks on your Spotify playlist, performed by two legends and produced by PC Music’s own A. G. Cook. Previously featuring in the teen comedy Assassination Nation last year, it’s now available for us all to stream. It’s dark, it’s grimy, and it’ll have you stacking bricks with your clique.

Deap Lips – “Hope Hell High”

Wow, we can’t stop with the collaborations this week. The Flaming Lips are no strangers to joint efforts and their latest is a fusion with LA’s Deap Vally to create the psych-pop supergroup, Deap Lips. It sounds like a fairytale romance up until Lindsey Troy ends with “it’s a motherfucker blam, blam, blam”, deffo one to listen to whilst staring out the bus window. This week they dropped this otherworldly illustrated visual for the fist single Hope Hell High, though the full album won’t be released until March 13.

Harry Styles – “Watermelon Sugar”

Ok, so we did post the Harry Styles video where he was bezzie mates with a fish in last week’s list, but we’re including our second favourite track from his long awaited album Fine Line because we’re well and truly obsessed. It’s a total bop, making us feel happy inside after a long cold week that ended in political stress. In Harry’s own words, it “tastes like strawberries on a Summer evening and sounds like just like a song”.

Hatti Rex