Harry Styles is boy meets fish in this week’s Wonderlist music playlist.

Harry Styles – “Adore You”

This is just a tale. A tale of a boy and the accelerated growth of his BFF fish. Yes, you heard right. The epic, engrossing new visuals from Harry Styles (narrated by Rosalía, FYI) tells the seriously baffling story of the fictional Isle of Eroda. Boy has jarring, blinding teeth. Boy is shunned by community. Meets a fish that becomes his best friend. Returns him to the sea. It’s seriously gripping and bizarre stuff. The song though? An irresistibly catchy 12/10 bop.

Ellie Charms – “Better Love”

The hazy visuals for Ellie Charms’ brand new track starts with homegrown IRL footage of her messing around with her friends. And then the feels kick in. Moody synths build to a crescendo with the Devon-hailed singer-songwriter’s powerhouse vocals dancing upon the melody. “I wrote this about my ex, he was super toxic and I was hurt,” explains Charms. “He never loved me enough to just let me go, he was selfish and kept me around as he just wanted someone there. It took me ages to figure that out and then come to terms with that, so I wrote this song from his perspective, put myself in his shoes and said all the things I had always wanted him to say to me and gave myself the closure he could never give me.”

Cosima – “Close To You (Moonlighting)”

Within the first few opening bars, Cosima’s striking, haunting lyricism strikes you down. This alternate version of her track sees a stripped-back production which fully showcases her soaring vocals alongside understated synths, which float from bone-shakingly deep to a heavenly, piercing soprano. It’s one to play, play and play again.

Tate McRae – “stupid”

It’s Friday. So it’s only right that we have irresistible pop bops galore. And the one to deliver is 16-year-old Canadian Tate McRae, who first popped up into pop culture consciousness in American TV talent show So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. On the agenda? Divine pop admissions of love and lust with her lyrics touting: “I’m so stupid for you.” We’ve all been there. “‘stupid’ is pretty much about that person that drives u crazy, but can never get outta ur head,” explains McRae. “The person that is everything you shouldn’t want, but you do.”

Younger Hunger – “Second Best”

Oh, we love an indie anthem. And up for the 2019 crown are Orange County’s promising newcomers Younger Hunger with their pleading track “Second Best”. A laid-back track with 90s indie-rock guitar riffs and heartfelt lyricism. “Really loving somebody who puts you down in the pecking order is the worst,” explains frontman Tony Davia. “This song is all about that and if you feel the same, we feel ya.”

OTHERLiiNE – Hates Me (Jacques Greene Remix)

If you’re thinking of going out out tonight (I mean, it is Friday), then top of the playlist needs to be “Hates Me”, OTHERLiiNE’s (aka the lush artist collab of George FitzGerald and Lil Silva) new track remixed to heavenly new highs by enigmatic Montreal producer Jacques Greene. Think heart-shuddering loops and dreamy, bubbling synths. So, so satisfying.

Kate Stewart – “High” featuring Jevon

If 2019 told us anything, it was that Kate Stewart — the West London singer with a voice that could melt butter — is one to keep an eye on. Having released her debut EP “In The Beginning” to critical acclaim, her new single, “High”, is a bouncy, laid-back reflection of the intertwining nature of love and drugs, featuring another bright young star in London’s scene: Jevon. “You only love me when you’re high, when you’re sober you don’t even try,” Stewart croons, her ever-improving ability to perfectly capture relatable snippets of everyday relationships coming to the fore. If this single is anything to go by, 2020 will be the year that you get to know Kate Stewart.


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