He’s back! The London wunderkind has returned with his homegrown visuals for “Finna Glow”.

Jimothy Lacoste premiere
Jimothy Lacoste premiere

“Jimothy just wants everyone to dance.”

Viral hit-maker and London tearaway Jimothy Lacoste has returned, the only way he knows how, with another provocative and borderless new track: “Finna Glow”.

As always, irresistibly catchy pop is on the agenda, the song opening with jangly 80s synths and layered with Lacoste’s charismatic homespun lyricism.

And the tongue-in-cheek DIY music video sees the North London musician dancing, rapping, singing and just generally having a good ol’ jolly with friends in spots all throughout Primrose Hill – in suitably louche attire, of course.

Watch the video for “Finna Glow” below…

Jimothy Lacoste premiere
Jimothy Lacoste premiere
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William Alan Harris and Jimothyfromthe70s