As we wave goodbye to a decade of iconic tweets, videos and memes, #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade makes sure that we won’t forget any of them either.


If humans are known for anything, aside from being selfish, greedy and annoying – it’s being nostalgic. Whether it’s for a decade or a time in life where things were just a little bit sweeter and a whole lot less stressful, no bills, just watering down your parents’ alcohol supply and drinking it in the nearest field to your house. Maybe Rihanna had an album out – yes, we’re looking that far back. Dua Lipa is even ushering in an entirely new album era on the oh-so-sweet feeling.

As Twitter is the funniest microcosm of the Internet, the breeding ground of humour which eventually drips down to the users of Facebook and Instagram a few weeks later, what better place to host the hashtag #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade. The hashtag promotes the creme de la creme of ‘break the internet’ content that has made its way into the popular consensus over the years and is a perfect way to procrastinate to waste a whole afternoon on your phone. So put aside your worries of the impending climate crisis and join us for a laugh.

You Know I Had To Do It To Em

Twitter Moments Of The Decade Lucky Luciano
Twitter Moments Of The Decade Lucky Luciano

Before #OOTD’s, this preppy American bravely went where no fashionista had gone before. The interesting fit-pic has since spawned countless other iterations, and even including an FKA Twigs edition. Whatever it was, we hope he did do it to ‘em.

DJ Softboi

Everyone knows or did know one of these boys at uni. The kind that get lambasted by thousands on anonymous Instagram accounts, and that will definitely try and mansplain the history of dance music to you. Yawn! These boys definitely know a few, making this imitation so real, and so perfect.

Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage!

The best viral trends usually have a musical element, and this 2015 sensation gave the cast of Glee a total run for their money. Rachel and Finn could never! “Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage…” was pre tik-tok, and post-vine, the slightly longer format gave the lyricists chance to make a bigger impact. Without any real warning, the spontaneous-seeming videos were suddenly everywhere, with each videos sausage related lines getting more absurd each time. I’d like to see the Spice Girls equal this lyrical prowess.

You bitches can’t even spell Prague!

“This is how bad bitches arrive in London, then go to Prague”. These aren’t google map directions, but the immortal words Nicki Minaj gushes as she struts over to a private jet. A marvel of modern video editing, this whole spectacle entirely blows the CGI used in Avatar clean out of the water, sending Ms. Minaj across the globe twirling around a storm with her lengthy weave.

Levi Jeans!

Say it with me now. LE. VI. JEANS! Not many 30 second clips have this kind of longevity or free promotion for a brand – even if it is in jest. We hope the boy actually in the Levi’s isn’t too wounded, or at least picked up a more flattering style of jeans this past Black Friday.

Gimme More

Possibly the best vine to exist, ever. It’s big talk, I know, but there is something so pleasing about watching this enigma totally giving it their all to Britney Spears’ noughties classic “Gimme More” that is so endearing and pure – whoever this is has my entire heart, and my parents have explicit permission to play this at my funeral.

Samira Raheem’s speech at ‘Slutwalk 2017’

Samirah Raheem is that girl. An activist, model and a generational icon. She went viral after an interview she did at LA’s Slutwalk in 2017 was posted online, navigating the provoking and frankly annoying questions posed by reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. “A slut is what I made it. A boss. Getting money. Taking the mic. Turning life around. Taking over Hollywood!” We will be living by this mantra until the foreseeable future.

Do I look like a Muppet?

This decade has given us some of the most bizarre day-time talkshow exchanges ever. From Bhad Bhabie’s “Catch me outside” one-liner on Dr. Phil or Keke Palmer letting Wendy Williams have it on Williams’ own show. This Tamar Braxton moment, however, trumps all of these, yes, even Dakota Johnson on Ellen last week. Getting candid on her relationship with K. Michelle, she asks her fellow uncomfortable looking panel members if they agree with the brush she’s been branded with in the press by her foe. It’s a moment that is just truly indescribable, like a car-crash in the sense that you just cannot stop watching even though you know you should look away. This should have won an Emmy.

Rihanna vs. Ciara

Rihanna has been involved in a few Twitter spats this decade, which we are incredibly thankful for. The business mogul always has a carefully crafted one-liner up her sleeve with Kendall Jenner, Teyana Taylor and TLC to name a few all getting to know about this first-hand. It’s her exchange with Ciara that remains the most iconic, however. Rihanna was spotted singing to Ciara’s hit “Goodies” at a Karaoke bar last year, so I guess things are better between the two.

Unwritten Car Karaoke

Everything about this video is perfect, the choice of Natasha Bedingfield, the drama of the performance, the way you can still hear the guy’s singing even as the car is far away. It’s all there. Carpool Karaoke should run this singer his cheque.

Greta Thunberg vs. Donald Trump

If looks could kill… You can pretty much read iconique environmental activist Greta Thunberg’s mind in this exchange. Thunberg would later troll Donald Trump on Twitter after he mocked her in a series of tweets, truly truly legendary.

Bonus: Wait a minute Mr. Postman

Ok, this rivals the Britney Spears truck vine as one of the best. An iconic duo for the ages, R.I.P. Mr. Postman.

Bailey Slater