From Hannah Diamond to Harry Styles: here are all the tunes you should be bumping this weekend.

Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Tim Walker Album

Source: Instagram / @harrystyles

Harry Styles Watermelon Sugar Tim Walker Album
Source: Instagram / @harrystyles

Hannah Diamond – “Shy”

Finally! Hannah Diamond’s long-awaited debut album is here. Reflections was originally intended to be released an EP, and it still kind of is. The project includes several new tracks as well as a various showcase of what she’s been up to over the past few years under the PC Music (Perfectly Cute, Personal Computer, Pop Classics etc) label. Our favourite track has to be “Shy”, a sweet tune Diamond teased in a collaboration with Ray-Ban back in 2016. Fans are pretty much rejoicing all over the internet that this song is finally out, including us all at Wonderland! You can catch Diamond in London next month for two of her headline shows @ Fire in Vauxhall, where we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she’ll perform the pop banger.

Harry Styles – “Watermelon Sugar”

This past year has been a total blast for former One Directioner Harry Styles. He’s been doing it all – whether it be starring in Gucci campaigns, getting Tim Walker to shoot his album cover or even landing a whole SNL takeover, it’s pretty fair to say he’s doing bits, and we are totally here for it. “Watermelon Sugar” is the latest track from the star, after last month’s raunchy video for “Lights Up”. The sweet song is led by Styles’ crooning vocals and a poppy electric-guitar, harking back to warm summer days full of wonder, play, and beauty. 100% feel good throughout, he has us dreaming of sandy beaches and cocktails, wishing our winter away like it’s nobodies business.

Kiol – “NO Peace”

London based singer-songwriter, musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer (is there anything he can’t do?!) Kiol is beginning his musical domination with the release of new single ‘No Peace’. Born in Turin, Kiol has spent the last few years crafting super strong melodies, punchy choruses, immersive verses to create hard-hitting guitar-driven pop music that fuses genres of alternative folk, soul and funk. ‘No Peace’ was the product of many studio hours locked away in London this year with producer Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo, Blondie, Goldfrapp), forming the start of the next musical chapter in this young musician’s career. It’s an upbeat banger all-around that’ll make your head bop, knees twitch, and ass shake.

Baker Grace – “See The Future”

This pop-sensation has been making waves since we spoke to her for Rollacoaster last year, and we couldn’t be more proud. “See The Future” is Grace’s latest release, tinged with confidence mischief. The singer masterfully navigates the relaxed beat, filled with and effervescent synths, pensive guitar melodies, and catchily rhythmic lyrics. “Rum diddee dum dum rum dum dum / The power I hold at the tip of my tongue / Rum diddee dum dum rum dum dum / I see my future before it’s begun,” Grace trills over the chorus. The single even comes with a visualizer, revealing four different layers of the artwork when a custom Instagram filter is placed over it (a clever play on the song’s title). Apple and Tesla better watch their backs, because Baker Grace’s forward-thinking tech vision is sure to blow them totally out of the water.

Tazer – “I’m On Fire (feat. MAAD and Keys The Prince)”

DJ and Producer Tazer has many talents, and on his latest track “I’m On Fire”, he showcases them all. A remixer for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Not3s and MNEK, Tazer made it a priority from the jump to bring excitement and flare to the UK music scene, his efforts have duly noted by the likes of DJ Target and Annie Mac. His slick production and his impressive rhythms have made him a force to be reckoned with among his contemporaries, and his new track with Keys The Prince and MAAD is just further proof of this. “I’m On Fire” is chock-full of classic house flavour, sick basslines and bouncy production, it’s even got a mega-cute 8-bit video for those of you who need that visual stimulus. Stick this one on at a pre-drinks and you’ll have the whole room bopping – trust us.

Olivia Dean – “Ok Love You Bye”

This piano-driven masterpiece is saccharine sweet in all the right ways. Dean is clearly a girl after our own drunk hearts, filming the track’s video in various pubs around East London, I think we can all relate to the stress of tiffing with a partner and also loving a bevvie, at least someone’s being honest about it! Dean said of the song “I literally wrote it the day after Password Change, which is a song about having an argument in a pub while the football’s on. It is supposed to feel like the morning after an argument, but reflecting on it more positively and being like ‘there’s things you did wrong, there’s things I did wrong, but we can get through it’.”

Dennis Lloyd – “Unfaithful”

“‘Unfaithful’ is about the feeling of disbelief and loneliness after losing someone you care about. It’s realizing what you had only after that person is gone,” multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lloyd tells us. Lloyd penned and produced the song himself, and filmed the Shakespeare’s Hamlet inspired video Lloyd in Ein Gedi, a breathtaking nature reserve in Israel. Acoustic guitars take the production reins on the track, as Lloyd belts his heart out about things that once were. The song is beautifully tender and raw, and perfect for a “Getting Over You” playlist, as well as our Wonderlist of course.