The Fab Five head to Tokyo and we are so here for it in the new tearjerking mini-series.

Queer Eye: We're In Japan!

Kelli Falls/Netflix

Queer Eye: We're In Japan!
Kelli Falls/Netflix

For a special mini-series of the show, Queer Eye’s much-loved Fab Five crossed the world to work their magic of transforming lives, this time in Japan. Any initial skepticism that came in response to the hosts pictured up in judo uniforms were quickly diminished within the first five minutes. Clever, comical, and of course, tear-jerking, this offshoot is a refreshing new take on the original show – addictive as ever, with cleverly nuanced travel and cultural elements.

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WHAT: The Five throw themselves into Japanese culture whole-heartedly, and although Antoni Porowski’s (read his interview in the latest issue of Man About Town now) attempts at putting his culinary skills to Japanese cuisine are at times comical, the result is always impressive. Watching the whole cast try their best hand at martial arts is also hard to take seriously, but the overall affect is endearing. Jonathan embraces Japanese hair salons without looking back, and takes the Japanese habit of using foil ear covers in his stride, despite initially trying to use them as a kind of home-made bib for his client.

WHERE: Guided by Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara, the Five take viewers on an exciting mini-tour of Tokyo. Hopping from hair salons, to gay bars, to a yoga studio, to multiple restaurants and shops, a definite highlight of this series is how much of Tokyo we get to see from the comfort of our sofas.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Any of the show’s ‘heroes’ could be considered star of the show due to the incredible journeys of self-discovery they all undergo. For us though, its always Antoni Porowski, mainly for managing to keep a straight face when asked by one of the heroes how to crack an egg…

WHO TO WATCH IT WITH: Your best friend in need of a pick-me-up, so that you can laugh at the Five’s questionable attempts at Japanese pronunciation, and cry unashamedly as they transform lives across the globe.

STAND-OUT SCENE: Karamo Brown unveiling episode three’s hero’s ‘homework’ project at the end of the episode. Throughout their week with her, Brown has been urging Kae to do a drawing of herself where she doesn’t seem sad. Kae’s initial attempt is a heart-wrenching close-up of a woman’s face with very little detail other than the eyes, because she was so ashamed of her body that she did not want to draw it. By the end of the week, the Five’s impact on Kae is evidenced in the unveiling of her beautiful drawing of herself; a full-bodied girl with a shy smile on her face.

WATCH IF: You are a Queer Eye fan interested in seeing the team work their magic in an entirely different culture. Or simply if you need a mini lesson in self-love and a dose of positivity.

DON’T WATCH IF: You are averse to graphic scenes of joy or happiness.


Lara Morant