We speak to the French singer-songwriter about her new single “Twisted” and her future goals.

Photography: Parri Thomas

Photography: Parri Thomas

Not many 21-year-olds boast a multi-platinum selling career, but then again, most didn’t start performing when they were just 12. Captivating audiences with her alluring stage presence, a record deal with Capitol Music soon followed, before releasing her aptly named debut album Fearless, which quickly became certified double platinum.

Since touring with the likes of Thirty Seconds to Mars, the French singer-songwriter has been carving out her space in the industry, with sultry new single “Twisted”, a personal, intimate song based around a real experience Kaye had in a psychiatrist’s office. The powerful, self-directed accompanying video powerfully details this experience, marking Kaye out as a talent to watch.

Read our interview with Kaye below…

How has your year been?
It’s been a tough one. But I’ve learned a lot.

Do you ever feel vulnerable using your own personal experience to colour your music?
The only place I don’t feel vulnerable in is the studio. When I’m writing a song, I feel empowered and unashamed of my thoughts and feelings. But sometimes when I have to talk about my music or perform it on stage, it’s harder because I’m not sure people will understand what is going through my mind, without passing judgement.

How did “Twisted” come about?
“Twisted” is the song that set the tone for the rest of the album lyrically. I wrote it in one of my first sessions for this album, and I just felt the need to sing about how I feel deep inside most of the time. I feel different, and I’m trying to embrace it as much as possible in a world where you’re not really allowed to be yourself.

Where did you get your inspiration from?
I got it from my life and my way of seeing things.

It feels like you’re really delving into a darker side of your sound right now – how did this come about?
I’m made of a lot of darkness and sadness, I’ve always been a melancholic person. Now I’m just embracing it a lot more and that’s why you can hear it even more in my sound.

Do you feel like you’re having to explore and pull out parts of yourself you never had?
Yes, but not only for my music. I feel like I have to do this on a daily basis to get through life.

What is the name of your new album and how is it different from your last one?
I can’t tell you the name because it’s not released yet, but I also just want to keep it to myself a little longer. This album is just better than what I’ve done before. I’ve found my sound, for now at least.

What’s your favourite song or lyrics and why?
Anything written by Sia. I feel what she sings and definitely wish I had written some of her songs.

Do you ever feel a lot older beyond your years?
Oh yes. All the time.

What are you excited about? What’s next for you?
I’m excited to discover what life has in store for me, whether it’s good or bad. Life is interesting for me because I’m forced to be strong all the time. We’ll see!

Watch Marina perform a stripped-back, live rendition of “Twisted”, and explain different French slang words below…

Andre Humphrey-Modeste
Abigail Hazard
Federica Barletta
Chris West
Keyboard (in "Twisted")
Yaacov Salah
Sound Recording (in "Twisted")
Meya Music
Sound Design
John Ryder
Hair and Makeup
Amy Brandon
Michol Ronzi
Prop stylist
Neil Cunningham
BTS photography
Brunel Johnson
BTS video and edits
Dev Sehmi
Fashion Assistant
Emily Wachtel
Executive Production
TGIT Music
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