Get to know the south London four-piece creating sheer alt-pop magic.

Balcony band portrait up close
Balcony band portrait up close

The end of “Inside Out”, the new visuals from Balcony come to a close with the south London foursome lying on the beach with the waves gently lapping away.

Such is the seductive and brooding quality of the band, who specialise in alt-pop bolstered with frontman Jamie’s arresting vocals.

And the latest effortlessly catchy track is no exception: with the trippy visuals following Jamie over the course of one night as he relives certain moments.

We caught up with Balcony and talked songs influenced by nights-out, dream collaborations and self-love.

How did you start making music?
Jamie and Jack started writing songs a couple of years back in Jack’s basement. It was originally just acoustic guitars and keys, but when Johno and Dave joined, we started recording ourselves and found a love for electronic music. We’ve now started to find a balance between the digital and the live elements. 

Who were your musical heroes growing up?
Dave: It was whoever my musical obsession was that week, I wanted to know more than just their music, I wanted to know how they lived and who they were, the internet helped with that and social media is allowing artists to connect with their fans on that level now. 
Jamie: My mum was a pop gal. She loved Whitney Houston the BeeGees, Bryan Adams and Michael Jackson. That pretty much wore off on to me, and we’d listen to things like Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex Love Sounds on repeat. I also studied classical music in school, which definitely shaped my taste.
Jack: The Stones, The Stones, Prince and The Stones

How would you describe your music? 
I think we sit across a few genres, I don’t think it’s fair to assign a tag and say we are “this”, we can only write like “this”. Our sound is Balcony. The music we’ve released so far has definitely had a chilled vibe to it, but we’re going to be pushing things a little quicker with the next releases. 

Where do you get your inspirations from?
Dave: Books and movies, life experiences, new songs that excite us. It all gets funnelled into our sound. 
Jamie: We live in a time that’s pretty hard to not be influenced by things around you, so trying to find inspiration from myself and my background is what I am for at the moment. Saying that, the endless cycle of social media is ironically very influential. It’s not just the things we’re seeing on social media that influence, but the habit of mindlessly using it every day. We wrote a song called “Hope” that touches on that. Our next single “Girls” is influenced from a night out we had after a show, so it’s nice to draw from real-life experiences too.
Jack: to begin with.. everything

Balcony band landscape
Balcony band landscape

What is the story your music video is trying to convey?
If you’re trapped in an endless cycle, overthinking or holding yourself back, the people you care about most will break that cycle. 

How do you want your music to make people feel?
Euphoric with a touch of nostalgia. 

Who would you love to collaborate with?
Dave: I think a lot of the elements in our music would lend themselves to a rapper, maybe Loyle Carner or A$AP Rocky. What’s the ceiling on this question?
Jamie: Kings Of Leon and Coldplay would be crazy, but also Tame Impala, Halsey, Flume and Childish Gambino.

You’re supporting Lewis Capaldi on his forthcoming UK tour – how did this come about?
We’re so, so incredibly lucky to be supporting the man! I think it was a case of right place right time in terms of us landing the support slot, we couldn’t believe it ourselves, we had to double-take when we saw it!

What’s next for you/what are you excited about?
Everything! It’s all really exciting right now. “Inside Out” is our newest single and it’s had an amazing response. There are two more singles lined up, a headline show on January 29th at Camden Assembly and loads more in the pipeline. We’re also writing more than ever, so who knows, we may have an album ready to release soon.
Jack : I’m going to see Red Palace at the vaults, I’m a real sucker for immersive experiences and or fairytales! Also lunch. I’m bloody starving.

What is “Inside Out” about?
It’s an ode to self-love.

Balcony band portrait
Balcony band portrait
Julia Falkner
Lorena Hydeman
Dominique Hawkes
Creative direction
Francesca Costa

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