In light of Google’s ‘Frightgeist’ study, Wonderland rounds up the best Halloween costume ideas for 2019.

Frightgeist Wonderland Halloween Costumes 2019
Frightgeist Wonderland Halloween Costumes 2019

With the spookiest night of the year soon approaching, Google Trends have released the results of their latest study, aptly titled “Frightgeist”, which ranks our most popular costume searches for the fear-fuelled holiday worldwide. The list is topped by “Pennywise”, a cannibal clown played by the unrecognisable Bill Skarsgård in 2017’s remake of Stephen King’s IT, followed closely by more generic searches for “Witch”, “Spider-Man” and “Dinosaur”.

In light of the Nobel Prize worthy study, Wonderland have taken the liberty of sourcing a collection of signature costumes inspired by the best bits of this past year that didn’t make the cut. We simply believe modern popular culture has more to offer than The Descendants and Fortnite, who were awarded fifth and seventh place respectively.

Coleen Rooney vs. Rebekah Vardy

Having shook the entire nation with explosive allegations of story leaking against fellow footballers’ wife Rebekah Vardy last week, Coleen Rooney single-handedly brought WAGs (acronym for the wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportspersons) back to the epicentre of British popular culture, exactly where they belong. We couldn’t help but notice a gap in the market for a couple’s costume highlighting the dramatic exchange and were thinking of a (WAG)atha Christie inspired fit, complete with magnifying glass and beige trench, with the culprit sporting a fishing net stained by blood red hands perhaps? A pair of bedazzled scarlet gloves would do equally well also.

Donald Trump vs. The World?

This is not an announcement of a sequel in the Scott Pilgrim franchise but a summary of all the conflict Donald Trump has masterminded through his twitter account this year, possibly racking up more Twitter beef in the last year than Azealia Banks. Presidential pastiche can be a tricky one, as Kathy Griffin found out earlier this year, but anyone who goes against Greta Thurnberg is fair game in our eyes. We can’t guarantee you won’t run into a look-a-like at any point in the night, but we can guarantee a lot of cheap laughs at the monstrous President’s expense, with a can of fake tan, any charity shop formalwear and a clump of paper thin hay acting as a toupee, you could do a lot worse for a costume!

Frank Ocean at the Met Gala

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This was the look that launched a thousand red carpets and polarised twitter for hours, with users fighting between his aversion of the theme and in-depth psychological analysis’ of how the look really was “Camp”. Honestly, he probably just really loves Prada Nylon, and who could blame him? The back-to-the-basics look received just as much attention as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s, with both stars opting for multiple outfit changes. All you need to style this out is a black anorak adorned with Prada’s signature tiny triangle and a Boots’ own brand disposable camera, perfect for capturing the nights highs and lows, with any outtakes making excellent additions to your private Instagram.

Off-Duty™️ Off-White™ model

Designer and DJ seems to be constantly making the rounds on social media, even before his appointment as Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton’s menswear line. In the last few months Abloh has made headlines not only for his imminent IKEA collaboration, or the “cheese” bag he released earlier this month, but also the wedding ensemble he designed for newly-wed Hailey Bieber. Instead of the dress taking focus, spectators were taken aback by the size of her train, a piece of lace longer than the walk around Bank station, which also bore one of Abloh’s signature quote-text embellishments, reading, “TILL DEATH DO US PART,” in huge white letters. Have minimalism meet absurdity this halloween, a bed-sheet embroidered with the words “Halloween Costume” will do the trick, or, if you’re not in the party spirit, you could face paint “I’m Boring” onto your forehead.

Ashley O

Another year, another iconic Miley Cyrus moment that will make it to the history books, this years’ submission praises her Black Mirror character “Ashley O”. Playing a mega pop star struggling for her creative freedom at the restrictive hands of her record label, Cyrus won the hearts of the world, and the LGBTQ+ community in particular, with her catchy rendition of Nine Inch Nails’ “Head Like A Hole”. Her glossy look is a Y2K lovers’ paradise, just throw on a PVC two piece and a purple Poundland wig and you’re set for a best dressed prize, the simplest homage to this year’s cult icon.

Bonus: Twitter Memes

As with every year, its Twitter that provides us with the freshest and funniest monthly fads. Remember the fish from the fish tube? We all saw the original video, and then several hundred memes later, as these things do, it fell off. Bringing back the nostalgia of this years best viral moments, why don’t you consider a robe clad Jasmine Masters (of Ru Paul’s Drag Race fame) uttering the immortal words “And I oop-”, or even an international Spongebob character (our favourite is the one in France, tres magnifique!). You’ll be the life of the party, and will certainly make more of an impression than a sexy cat. With all this choice, who wants to be a clown anyway?

Bailey Slater

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