A cross between Justin Bieber and Flume, introducing the south London pop newcomer.

South London singer Adam Rom
South London singer Adam Rom

Last week, we premiered the brand new single from exciting, emerging London talent Adam Rom: “Back To You.” An addictive, gentle bop about the sadness and reluctance that can come with a breakup, it’s gone straight to the top of our most-listened playlist.

The self-produced singer cites his influences as Justin Bieber and Flume, with his acclaimed debut single racking up 200,000 streams on YouTube and Spotify collectively, even being played on buzzy ITV2 reality TV show, Love Island.

We caught up with the south Londoner and talked early inspirations, pinch-me moments, and Love Island

How did you get into music?

When I was 12, I started to teach myself guitar and got really into it, learning songs in my room and messing around with chords and figuring it out. A year later I started teaching myself the drums and bass guitar and then around 15 I began teaching myself the piano and learning to produce. The final piece to the puzzle was singing and I started to vocal my own tracks when I was 16. 

Who were you inspired by growing up?

Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. JT and Chris Brown were the two artists played in the car all the time and were definitely a big part of my childhood. 

“Curse” is about a relationship gone wrong – has it been difficult reaching into yourself to pull out these emotions?

For me it hasn’t. I definitely find it harder to just talk about stuff like that. When it’s in music or in a song it feels natural to just get out whatever I feel or want to say. Music breaks down that barrier for me and allows me to express things I wouldn’t talk about. 

What is “Back To You” about?

It’s really about the situation or a relationship coming to an end that two people are struggling to accept or let go of. It’s trying to enjoy something while it’s in front of you even though there’s an underlying feeling that it’s not working out. I think there’s a lot of people that can relate to it and it’s something I’ve experienced recently that I wanted to get out and capture in a song.

Have you had any big pinch-me moments so far?

Nothing yet – but I’m hoping they’ll be plenty next year when I’m a little bit more established.

When did you find out your song was going to be on Love Island? Are you a fan?

I found out the day it was aired! My managers texted me saying there was a chance it could make the show that evening but it wasn’t set in stone, so I watched it and pretty much heard it when everyone else did. I wasn’t originally a fan of the show but after watching it to see if they were going to play “Obvious”, I can’t lie I was entertained. It instantly gave the song a huge boost, the reaction on Shazam and social media was pretty crazy and I’m happy it gave the song some attention – especially because it was the first song I released. 

What’s your 5-year goal? 
In the next 5 years I’d love to have done two albums and sold out two world tours. 

What’s next for you and what are you excited about?
I’m really excited to just keep on releasing more music. I’m hoping to put out another track after “Back To You” before the end of the year and then keep the releases coming consistently in 2020. We’re on a journey right now and there’s so much more to come. The sound hasn’t reached its final stop and there’s steps I want to take towards a production style that I’m starting to figure out now – so the transition into getting the music exactly where I want it and where I’m super proud is well on it’s way. I’m also looking forward to shooting some visuals next year and stepping everything up to get more ears and eyes on my music. 


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