From FKA Twigs to Sports Team: all the songs we’ve had on repeat this week.

Twigs Wonderlist
Twigs Wonderlist

FKA twigs – “holy terrain (feat. Future)”

FKA twigs is back, and blessing us with ethereal pop bangers once more. On “holy terrain”, she fuses a trappy beat with her angelic vocals to create a single that is both instantly catchy and still demanding of multiple listens. The addition of Future works perfectly, twigs once again showing her acumen as an organiser and producer as well as a front woman. And, with an eerily beatiful video, co-directed with Nick Walker, to go alongside, this song really is the whole package.

Rex Orange County – “10/10”

Rex Orange County is fast becoming a national treasure, and it’s not difficult to see why. Britain’s very own Frank Ocean equivalent, the singer continues to charm with his contented drawl, represented perfectly by the attached visuals, directed by Warren Fu. Here we see Rex at home, making music, watching TV and so on, the video standing as an ideal visual representation of the summery suburban sound that comes out of his mouth.

Sports Team – “Fishing”

Your favourite new band is back with another banger. Sports Team’s ascendency seems to be practically continual these days, and latest single “Fishing” is proof that this isn’t a case of smoke without fire. The single is the band at it’s vibrant, jumpy best; lead singer Alex Rice’s recognisable vocals are compressed under an early naughties, radio-style distortion, while drummer Al Greenwood is on impeccable form in this fast-paced, concert-ready bop. Saturday evening sorted!

Dennis Lloyd – “Wild West”

Football heads rejoice: FIFA20 is soon coming to shops, and what better way to celebrate than to delve into the game’s recently-released soundtrack. One of the highlights is Dennis Lloyd’s new single “Wild West”, a catchy number that straddles the border between hip-hop and rock. Speaking on the track, Lloyd stated” “I feel as if ‘Wild West’ is completely different sonically to anything else I’ve ever released before combining elements of hip-hop production, a rock guitar solo and disco-inspired vocals in the chorus. To have a song included in the FIFA soundtrack has been a dream of mine since I started making music. So excited for the fans to hear this one.”

iyla – “Flowers”

LA born singer/songwriter/activist/artist iyla has blessed us with a new single, coming in the form of the R&B-infused empowerment anthem “Flowers”. The song is centred around one key message – “Fuck flowers” – and boasts an impressively grandiose video, which sees the singer in various hyperbolic sets: surrounded by chocolate boxes, being pampered in a bath, and so on. One for fans of Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande alike, iyla is certainly someone to keep an eye on for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Emily Burns – “My Town”

Emily Burns has released her new single, “My Town”, her first release on Island Records and a homage to the town of Rugby, where she is from. The single is the title track from Burns’ upcoming EP, which will focus on showcasing the singer at her most introspective and pared back, “My Town” standing as a refreshingly honest take on loneliness, marking an exciting new point in her career. Speaking on the track, Burns explained: “Whenever I tell people I’m from Rugby, the most common response is “Oh I pass through it on the train,” explains Emily. “9/10 times, people have heard of Rugby and may have stopped at the train station, but it isn’t really a place people go to visit or stay in. “My Town” is a song about just that… people coming and going but never staying. It’s a metaphor for loneliness. It’s more than just about Rugby town, it’s about my life and my heart.”

Fresh off the release of KEY! collaboration “FLAMES” last week, LA based polymath Gabriel Black is fast-becoming one of the most talked about names in the scene, continuing to build hype for the release of his upcoming EP with a striking new offering, “Blue Skies”. The single perfectly showcases Black’s unique, distinctive vocal ability, set against a guitar driven arrangement that instantly commands attention, the track displaying yet another string in the singer’s ever versatile bow.


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