On her 38th birthday, we celebrate some of the queen’s best moments.

Today, 4th September, marks the birthday of our Queen, our lord and saviour, Beyoncé Knowles Carter. With 12 albums, a Disney film, a history-making Coachella set and her own documentary, we stan her everyday, but especially today. Here are 7 of our favourite moments from Queen B.

Wonderland 7 wonders happy birthday Beyonce
Wonderland 7 wonders happy birthday Beyonce

When she styled out a fall at the Super Bowl

2016 was the year of Lemonade, the album with tracks that explored themes of racism, personal journeys and infidelity (*ahem*, Becky with the good hair), and visuals which featured Beyoncé smashing a car with a baseball bat, several political messages such as “STOP SHOOTING US” graffitied onto a wall, and Serena Williams twerking. But it was also the year of Bey’s Super Bowl half-time show, in which she and her backup dancers wore Black Panther-inspired uniforms for the rendition of “Formation”, and Queen B recovered from a near-fall with so much elegance that it looked like it was planned. Iconic, truly.

The Lion King

When Disney announced that Beyoncé would join Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Seth Rogen and Chiwetel Ejifor in this year’s “live-action” remake of the beloved 1994 classic The Lion King, fans of both the original film and Queen B collectively lost their shit. Not only did she serve multiple looks on the seemingly never-ending red carpets which she blessed with her presence, Bey was, like her co-stars, perfectly cast in her role as Nala, the sassy, straight-talking best friend to Glover’s ambitious Simba.

…and The Lion King: The Gift

Not content with gracing The Lion King by voicing Nala, Bey began releasing songs written for the film, including “Spirit”, which features an adorable Blue Ivy in the epic accompanying video. She then dropped an album, The Lion King: The Gift, on the day that the film came out, an “ode to Africa” featuring the likes of Burna Boy and Tierra Whack. Along with the empowering anthem “Brown Skin Girl” – a celebration of women of colour, written for Blue Ivy who provides vocals which will move you to tears – and “MOOD 4EVA”, in which Bey raps simply “I am Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter”, and yet we all completely understand what she means.

A Beyoncé/Disney empire

Beyoncé was an undeniable USP for the promotion of this year’s Lion King remake, so it only makes sense for Disney to bank on her star wattage even further. And that’s seemingly exactly what’s happening, as rumours have surfaced that she struck up a deal with the entertainment powerhouse to contribute to further Disney films, with free reign to create whatever she wants. The possibilities are endless: a modern Cinderella soundtracked by the Lemonade album? A Charlie’s Angels-style action film where all the best-loved princesses are actually BFFs? I mean, who are we kidding, we will literally watch anything with Bey’s name attached.


Beyoncé’s 2018 performance at Coachella will go down in history, not only because she was the first black woman to headline the iconic festival, but because she managed to squeeze as much excellence as was physically possible into her 1 hour 45 minute set. From medleys merging bangers such as “Hold Up”, “Countdown” and “Check On It”, to bringing on stage husband Jay-Z, little sis Solange and – in a moment where those of us who grew up on Destiny’s Child practically fainted – Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. Nothing will ever compare.


And while we were happy to religiously rewatch the grainy Coachella footage on YouTube, or on that one Facebook upload we found that was semi-good quality, when Homecoming dropped on Netflix we immediately cancelled absolutely every plan we had for the foreseeable future. The documentary includes the entirety of the legendary Coachella performance, interspersed with clips of Bey’s gruelling rehearsals, the reasons behind why her set at the festival was cancelled the year before, and inspiring quotes from a variety of black writers, thinkers and creators, including the late Toni Morrison, Nina Simone, Maya Angelou and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

When she was all of us and stanned Lizzo hard

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Beyoncé might have a 22-year record-breaking musical career and a net worth that requires a double take, but really we’re not that dissimilar when it comes to it: we all stan Lizzo with our whole hearts. At Made in America festival this week – where Bey was celebrating her 38th birthday early – she and Jay-Z could be seen watching Lizzo’s performance from the sidelines with a look of transfixion on her face (a mood). Beyoncé’s seal of approval is really all you need to know that you’ve made it.