All the films and TV shows to look forward to right now.

Marriage Story

When Adam Driver’s on-screen son says “I cried four times” in the trailer for Marriage Story, we felt that. We’re already prepared to cry upwards of four times in the new film from Frances Ha director Noah Baumbach, which details the breakdown of a marriage between Driver and Scarlett Johansson. The trailer consists of two separate stories, one narrated by Driver and one by Johansson, as their characters explain what they love about each other, before we see the couple sat across from each other in a courtroom – where the honeymoon period is clearly over. The film, also starring Laura Dern and Gossip Girl‘s Alan Alda, looks like a painfully realistic depiction of divorce, and with such talented actors at its centre, we’re getting the tissues ready for its Netflix release in autumn.


Alien. Alien under the sea. Alien under the sea with Kristen Stewart. Consider us sold. In new sci-fi horror-thriller Underwater, Kristen Stewart is a member of a crew of researchers (including Vincent Cassel) who have to scramble to safety against the clock after an earthquake destroys their 5-miles-deep subterranean station. But as the panicked cries of “we drilled the the bottom of the ocean and we don’t know what came out” ring out, it’s clear that a sinister creature(s?) is stalking them and hunting them down. Watch if you stan K-Stew. Avoid if you’re claustrophobic, and will take issue to reduced vision and small places being rapidly filled up with water. *shudder*

Underwater will be in cinemas on 10 January 2020.

The Politician

He’s brought us hits such as American Horror Story, Glee, American Crime Story and Pose, and now producer, screenwriter and director Ryan Murphy has returned with his intriguing Netflix debut: The Politician. We follow Payton Hobart (Broadway and Pitch Perfect star Ben Platt), a student aspiring to be the President of the United States, who starts his ruthless campaign with student body president. Things start to go awry after some negative publicity, and the result is violence and murder. Also starring Gwyneth Paltrow as his rich mom, Jessica Lange and Zoey Deutch.

The Politician will be released on Netflix in 27 September.

The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston AND Reese Witherspoon? No, you’ve not died and gone film heaven. The formidable union just happens to be the casting of new Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show. Also starring Steve Carell, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Billy Crudup, the show examines the power dynamics between men and women in a busy news room – with Carell and Aniston playing co-anchors. The beginning of the trailer sees Aniston announcing the departure of Carrell from the news show, with him watching enraged at home, then attacking the TV with a golf put. In the age of the #MeToo movement, we wonder whether this will examine a reckoning of sorts.

The Morning Show will be on screens in Fall 2019.

The Death of Dick Long

A24 can do absolutely no wrong, and now the experimental film production company have dropped yet another rogue offering, and we’re already predicting its ascent into the cult stratosphere. In a small town in Alabama, a group of friends scramble to cover up the unlikely and very illegal accidental death of their friend. From the trailer we can expect some gore and a lot of laughs.

The Death of Dick Long will be in cinemas on 27 September 2019.


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