Smooth neo-soul vibes and 70s sci-fi visuals from the London newcomer with her debut.

Tamera r&b singer
Tamera r&b singer

Baby doll dresses, embellished hair barrettes, and a bubblegum-pink lycra space suit complete with an orb helmet. North West London newcomer Tamera did not come to play – that much is clear from her sultry 70s-inspired music video for her debut track “Romeo”.

Opening with a gentle jazz intro, Tamera’s hypnotic vocals vibrate and soar, dancing on a laidback R&B beat. The lyrics reflect on a passionate and intoxicating relationship in hindsight.

“I’m so happy to share this song as it means a lot to me,” explains Tamera. “Whilst writing ‘Romeo’ I realised a lot about what sort of relationships I want in my life. Ride or die! The concept for the video came from the lyrics ‘Now I know how far I’d go for you.’ I’d go to the ends of the earth for someone who can nurture my soul as well as my heart.”

Watch the nostalgic music video for “Romeo” below…