A look at the luxury brand’s heartwarming new video series.

Douglas Booth in Omega's
Douglas Booth in Omega's

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing taking place this month, luxury watch brand Omega have released three videos featuring interviews with their space ambassadors, and various friends of the brand.

The “50 Seconds On the Moon” series fondly compiles their memories and anecdotes, posing three questions: 1) What does the full moon mean to you? 2) What is your first memory of the moon? 3) If you were on the moon what would you miss the most? Featuring the likes of actor Douglas Booth, actor Jeremy Irvine, fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni, Antoni from Queer Eye, as well as the likes of Charles Duke (an Apollo 16 Astronaut) and more, the sentimental series sees the group delving into the past, present and future for their answers.

Watch the videos below…