All the most exciting new tracks this week.

HUXLXY – “Relax”

Showing no signs of relaxing himself, Huxlxy has been out in L.A., working on music back in London and this single sees him build on his first single, “Horror Movies”, which he dropped on Halloween. The track is, in Huxlxy’s own words, “about encouragement for anyone going through rough times; I wanted to write a summer anthem for those that suffer. It’s reminding yourself that there are ways to manage the darkness in your life.”

He continued: “I wrote this song because my friend said to me he was feeling paranoid and I told him it was because you smoke too much. Then I thought to myself maybe I do that, maybe I smoke too much, drink too much and then I went through my mind and tried to figure out what makes me feel the way I do..”

Brent Faiyaz – “Fuck The World”

Having garnered millions of streams as an independent artist and amassed a solidified fanbase, GRAMMY nominated R&B singer Brent Faiyaz returns with a brand new track: “Fuck the World.”

Backed by a metronomic production, Faiyaz’s signature sound is widened here, the artist exploring sonic spaces into which he has never ventured previously, the interplay of vocal textures coupled with an unshakable hypnotic bravado hook, the message – “Fuck The World” – made crystal clear. The new single paints a wistful and nostalgic picture as well as an expression of frustration. Cheery weekend vibes. But seriously, check it out now.

KAWALA – “Play It Right”

North London band Kawala have blessed us with their latest single “Play It Right, packed with sharp vocal harmonies and vibesy, upbeat guitar resulting in a track infused with joyful energy and sunny optimism.

Speaking on the track, the band explain: “When writing ‘Play it Right’ we thought, what better topic for a song than to discuss the difficulties of writing a song itself. It’s kind of set from the perspective of an internal voice guiding you through the many obstacles faced when trying to write a screamer.” Despite these obstacles, a screamer was written, so you’d do well to have a listen.

Fekky – “No Apologies” (feat. Nafe Smallz)

BOO BOO BANG BANG BANG…sorry, but it’s Friday and I had to get that out of my system. Anyway – the big man himself, Fekky, is backl with new single “No Apologies”, featuring the precocious Nafe Smallz. The track is taken from Fekky’s new mixtape, out in September, and sees the rapper being himself and living his best life.

Speaking exclusively to Wonderland, he expanded: “No Apologies” is an expression of me basically doing me, being free and not caring about what other people think or tell me. Music should be whatever you want it to be and not to feel boxed in and I feel this track shows exactly that. I was going to do this track on my own, as the original feature I had in mind didn’t work out, but then I played it to Nafe when he came through the studio and he jumped on it straight away, it worked out really well”

Rich Brian – “Kids”

Indonesian rap sensation and 88rising’s flagship artist Rich Brian is back with another slice of his future output: sophmore album “The Sailor”. This slice comes in the form of the elaborate “Kids”, which capitalises on the notable departure from his old sound, prevuiously hinted at in past singles like “Yellow.”

Here, Brian unleashes 4 minutes and 30 seconds of unparalleled wordplay, exploring topics of being a leader for asian rap, his come up from not being able to speak english to rapping on primetime TV, and his relationship with his inner circle. ‘Kids’ helps to mark the transition from meme-friendly teen star to rap legend in waiting.


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