Dive into summer with Hedoïne’s run-resistant, seamless tights in this fashion editorial taken from our Summer 19 Issue.

Hedoïne tights 3
Hedoïne tights 1
Hedoïne tights 3
Hedoïne tights 1

Taken from the Summer 2019 issue of Wonderland. Order your copy of the issue now.

No matter how many times we try and reapply, that age-old “trick” of dabbing nail polish at the bottom of a ladder in your tights just does not stop it from running. File that old wives’ tale next to other lies women are told, like “the gender pay gap doesn’t exist”, and “those raffia wedges look nice!”

Tired of relentless runs, pinching and sagging, Hedoïne have created ladder-resistant tights in four nude skin tones with plenty more to come. Think of them like Willy Wonka’s everlasting gobstopper, except they’re fashion hosiery. Invest in a pair for their seamless, shaping benefits and never look back, nor will you ever buy another bumper value pack of tights through gritted-teeth again.

Hedoïne tights 2
Hedoïne tights 4
Hedoïne tights 2
Hedoïne tights 4
Alba Yruela
Kamran Rajput
All tights
Sharon Robinson using Davines
Aga Dobosz at Carol Hayes Management using YSL
Federica Barletta
Production Assistant
Camilla Liconti
BTS Video
Kai Gillespie
Samone at Milk Management and Scarlett at Select Model Management
Special thanks
St Pancras Renaissance Hotel SPA