Glastonbury, Community, Field Day and more.

It’s getting closer and closer to festival season, and soon having a beer at 12pm and craving the sound of microphone feedback will be totally normal practice. But for now we have to wait. And while it may seem like the time for screaming lyrics in a muddy field is quite far away, we actually only have less than a month of reliving headline sets through dodgy YouTube links until the season kicks off. Finally.

So while we spend these last few weeks saving up the mons to buy that perf festival outfit and figuring out the ideal tent-sleeping situation (spoiler: it’s booking a hotel room instead), here’s a run-down of the best festivals from the peak summer period to get you in the mood.

Meadows In The Mountains

When: 6-9 June
Where: Rhodoppe Mountains, Bulgaria
Why: This one-of-a-kind festival takes place literally on the top of a mountain in a village called Polknovic Serafimovo, so it’s not one for the faint-hearted as it’s very much she-wees and dry shampoo territory. But, it’s perfect for if you want a relaxing mountain-top yoga retreat in the morning and a huge forest rave at night.
Highlights: TBH, it’s less about the music and more about soaking up the experience here. Try one of the many workshops that the festival organise!
Our must-see set: Wonky Disco is set to be a vibe.

Field Day

When: 7-8 June
Where: Meridian Water, north London
Why: Field Day has established itself as one of London’s most loved festivals and always pushes some of the most exciting artists around. This year it’s moved location (yet again lol) to the brand spanking new The Drumsheds, so maybe a name change for the festival will be on the cards next year? Though “four connected warehouses” Day doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…
Highlights: Octavian, Earl Sweatshirt, Jorja Smith.
Our must-see set: Skepta [insert “Shutdown” pun here].


When: 8 June
Where: Colwick Country Park, Nottingham
Why: With electronic, dance and drum and bass artists descending on the Nottingham park for one day of our partying, Detonate is quickly rising the ranks of the hottest UK day festivals.
Highlights: Bugzy Malone, Hardy Caprio, Horse Meat Disco.
Our must-see set: Sir David “Ram Jam” Rodigan, obv.


When: 8-9 June
Where: Heaton Park, Manchester
Why: Not only does this festival give you the excuse to yell “Parklife” a la Damon Albarn as loud as you can at any given opportunity, the line-up this year is so fucking insane it’s set to be one of the highlights of the summer
Highlights: Migos, Cardi B, Solange.
Our must-see set: The beer-throwing mosh-pit that’ll be The Streets’ headline slot.

Isle of Wight

When: 13-16 June
Where: Isle Of Wight
Why: Ferries are always fun, and they’re even more fun when at the end of them is one of the UK’s cutest destination spots and loads of your favourite bands.
Highlights: George Ezra, Sigrid, Idles.
Our must-see set: Get your trainers and prom dresses ready because queen Lily Allen is gonna be one of the top sets of the weekend.

Strawberries & Creem

When: 15 June
Where: Haggis Park, Cambridge
Why: Growing from a garden party to one of the UK’s most exciting young festivals, S&C aims to “celebrate heritage” and “champion future” with their mix of legendary acts and the hottest newcomers.
Highlights: Ms Dynamite, Stefflon Don, Mahalia.
Our must-see set: “Beautiful Girls” by Sean Kingston is TWELVE (12) YEARS OLD and will still slap during his headline performance.

Secret Solstice

When: 21-23 June
Where: Reykjavick, Iceland
Why: Where else can you have a dance and possibly see the Northern Lights at the same time?
Highlights: Patti Smith, Boy Pablo, Pussy Riot.
Our must-see set: Singing “Where Is The Love?” by Black Eyed Peas will be a #moment.


When: 26-30 June
Where: Worthy Farm, Somerset
Why: Because it’s GLASTONBURY!!
Highlights: Too many tbh, but if we had to choose we’d say Janelle Monae, Billie Eilish and Kylie.
Our must-see set: There is nothing we’re more excited for this summer than watching the whole of Worthy Farm yell “Mr Brightside”.


When: 30 June
Where: Finsbury Park, London
Why: Indie dreamboats everywhere.
Highlights: Blossoms, Blaenavon, The Amazons.
Our must-see set: The Kooks are set to bring all of those mid-00s feels.


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