From Big Heath to LANY via Idris Elba – all the songs we’ve had on non-stop this week.

BiG HEATH – “Bouncy”

Cambridge rapper BiG HEATH released his first song of the new year this week, in the shape of buoyant banger: “Bouncy”. A song that just as it reads, packed with vibrant beats and playful production, “Bouncy” is a perfect reflection of BiG HEATH’s larger than life personality, and ever-growing lyrical prowess, reminding us that this is an artist to keep an eye on this year. Speaking on the track himself, BiG HEATH says: “Bouncy basically describes me, both mentally and physically. It’s onomatopoeic for how I am. The message of the song is a standard Saturday night for me when I was a teenager, getting off your nut and bouncing.”

Billie Eilish – “wish you were gay”

Young prodigy Billie Eilish officially released catchy single “wish you were gay”. With soft acoustic licks laid over characteristically infectious, powerful bursts of bass, the song possess all of Eilish’s charm and humour, with a realistic subject matter and pastiche-y sitcom style audio-bites (you know the ones, the Friends-like audience laughter) making it at once unique and, at the same time, typical of the young singer constantly making waves.

LANY – “Thick And Thin”

If, for some reason, you were after a California cruising song this weekend (because why not?!), look no further than LANY’s latest offering: “Thick and Thin”. With some dreamy visuals that see lead singer and Wonderland Alum Paul Klein crooning from the top of a car that drives through an LA sunset so typical it looks like a backdrop, the song is the lastest in the band’s list of heartmelting mellow pop bangers, and will be one to listen to in your Uber home this weekend.

FKJ – “Leave My Home”

FKJ has released “Leave My Home” – a relaxing, luscious ode to the city of Paris. An emotion-laden highly instrumental number, FKJ explains that “I made this one in Paris which was my home at the time. It was a few weeks before I was about to leave it for another country, far away in the tropics. I lived in Paris for over 6 years. That’s the city where it all started for me. I loved Paris, I just needed a change. I was suffocating and wanted to step back, everything goes so fast over there. When I found out I was about to become a dad it accelerated this process of me leaving. I didn’t wait longer. I left and joined my love where she lived. A very isolated place in nature. Here was my new home. Us becoming parents didn’t happen, but that’s another chapter of the story that other songs will tell. This song is about that feeling when I was preparing for a new phase. Changing environment for an artist has a big impact. Where I get my inspiration now is obviously very different from when I was living in Paris.”

Ricky Dietz – “Lemonade Drip”

Thank us later for presenting you with this wacky, wonderful music video from Berlin duo Ricky Dietz. Consisting of Pierre Baigorry and Jamaican-Canadian R&B singer Sway Clarke, it wasn’t long before the two musicians would stumble into each other in Berlin’s hyper-local music scene, allowing them to create their unorthodox, irresistible blend of R&B, dancehall and afrobeat. The result? “Lemonade Drip” – a danceable, soulful, dancehall-tipped sound that Pierre and Sway would travelled all the way to Lagos to perfect. Teaming up with producers SARZ and Cracker Mallo, and Jr. Blender, what has emerged is the kind of tongue-in-cheek cool that’s only cemented by the absolutely bonkers video, that somehow – despite itself – manages to make perfect sense alongside the track. Listen for yourselves here.

Dave – “Streatham”

Fresh off the back of his latest powerful lyrical masterpiece, Psychodrama, comes London rapper Dave’s autobiographical video for “Streatham”. Set in the eponymous borough of London, the video sees Dave reminisce about his times growing up in the area, referring various facets of his past that have stuck with him, both positive and negative. Taken from an album full of great tracks, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Wiley, Sean Paul, Stefflon Don – “Boasty ft. Idris Elba”

Ok, so we know this song didn’t come out this week, BUT THE VIDEO THOUGH. Britain’s favourite James Bond replacement option and renaissance man Idris Elba teams up with an all-star lineup of Stefflon Don, Sean Paul and Wiley in the video for their dancehall-infused track “Boasty”. The video, which sees a young ringer hilariously take Wiley’s place, is filmed around London, and sees Idris flex his acting muscles as he navigates a series of music industry situations, even giving us a pretty perfect Robert DeNiro impression. My heart!


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