The London-based DJ on escapism, style icons and the best party she’s been to.

In a city that’s never been short of uber-serious DJs, 19-year-old Betty Belle is a breath of fresh air on London’s party scene. Bringing high-energy fun both on and off the decks (see: Betty’s Instagram and immediately want her to be your best mate), her sets take you on a tour through the best of a whole host of genres over the past few decades, from old-school guilty pleasures to tomorrow’s most hyped-up drop.

The London-based model’s also worked with a range of brands from Off-White to Versace, and last year featured in Vivienne Westwood’s iconic SS19 “BUY LESS, DRESS UP” campaign.

Ahead of her set at our LFW party with Louboutin, we spoke to Betty about escapism through music, her fave spots in London and the best party she’s ever been to…

London model DJ Betty Belle interview
London model DJ Betty Belle interview

Where are you from and what do you do?
I’m from London but I moved to Los Angeles when I was 12 for four years, then moved back to London. I’m a full-time model and DJ.

How did you get into music?
I’ve always been into music ever since I can remember. I was pretty naughty in school and not very academic, but when I was in a music class I would always calm down and really listen. In lower school I had a really nice music teacher, who really took a shine to me and it made me focus and want to learn. And my uncle has always been a DJ. I got an iPod for my sixth birthday and he downloaded all of his music on to it – old school house garage, early grime, loads of Dizzie Rascal, reggae, hip hop, old school and R&B. I used to have really bad insomnia as a kid – my mum would let me listen to my iPod and I would always fall asleep to music no matter what.

What do you love about DJing?
I love zoning out and playing tunes. You get a whole different experience when you’re playing live – you can change the whole vibe of the club or event or party just by a song, and I think that’s pretty powerful. It’s also nice because when I’m DJing I just go into my own little zone and float away.

What’s your song to get everyone on the dance floor?
The one go-to song I know will get everyone on the dance floor, no matter what age or type they are, is “Incredible” by General Levy. I think even if you don’t know the song it’s the whole cadence of it.

Last song of the night?
The last song of the night I’ll always play is “No Games” by Serani.

Most embarassing record?
Most embarrassing song is probably “One More Time” by Daft Punk because it’s so cheesy, it’s hilarious to see how people react when it plays.

London Model DJ Betty Belle
London Model DJ Betty Belle

Best party you’ve ever been to?
The best party I’ve ever been to was in LA when I was about 14. There was a house party on the Venice Canals right by the beach in this huge house. I’d never seen anything like it. It was so ginormous, people were jumping off the roof into the pool in the back garden and we got hold of the sound system. It was wild – like the party’s from all the movies the police ended up shutting it down.

Best bar in London?
The best bar in London is definitely the Opium Bar in Chinatown. It’s so beautiful and you feel like you could be anywhere in the universe when you’re in there. It’s like a vortex.

What do you like doing for fun?
For fun I like to go on adventures. I have a car so I usually drive somewhere I’ve never been. Sometimes I also like to go to tourist attractions in my own city, like go to the London Eye, the aquarium, museums, or taking the boat from the embankment down the Thames.

Who were your style icons growing up?
Growing up my mum was a massive style icon of mine. She always had the craziest, most colourful clothes on that she would find in charity shops and markets. She still wears the most amazing stuff, I’m always trying to borrow things from her closet. And I was obsessed with dressing like J-Lo – I wanted a Juicy Couture tracksuit so badly. I also have always been influenced by the way Carrie Bradshaw dresses in Sex and the City, the outfits she wears while strutting through NYC.

What’s your go-to outfit right now?
My go-to outfit is I have a full vintage Gucci tracksuit covered in the Gucci logo, it’s the best. I can just watch cotched up on the settee at home in it and I can also hit the club in it, it’s actually probably the best thing I’ve ever owned.

Trainers or heels?
Definitely trainers, but sometimes certain outfits need a heel in order for them to work.

If you weren’t a DJ what would you be?
If I wasn’t a DJ I’d probably be a singer or an actress. I love making people laugh and telling stories.

What are you up to next?
Any of the above. Play tunes and create things. I’ll put in the work and who’s to say what will come next.

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