Dark storytelling grunge-pop from the former J-Pop star.

Wetherspoons. Yes. A stint in retail or dog walking? Probably. We all dabbled in our fair share of random part-time jobs while scrabbling for a bit of spare cash in our late-teens. But there aren’t many people who can say they had already launched a lucrative J-Pop career by the time they were 18.

But that was then, and this is now. British model/visual artist/singer-songwriter Lee Tatlock has since left her days in Neko Punch behind (the name of her Tokyo-based band), and early last year introduced her revised grunge-pop alter-ego, Cream with a K.

The result was a fresh sound backboned by a reverberating, almost claustrophobic rhythm, and infiltrated with Tatlock’s saccharine, ethereal vocals – with her latest record “Stuck In The House” showcasing her lyrical prowess in this testimony to her testing time in Tokyo.

Tatlock explains: “Stuck in the House” is about the agoraphobia I experienced while living in Tokyo, a couple of years ago. The thought of leaving the house would give me anxiety to the point that it would make me physically sick to my stomach.

“At the time I was in the public eye as the singer in Neko Punch – so everything was even harder. I was so used to people managing me, picking me up, running me around, dressing me up etc… the idea of going out and doing things by myself was terrifying. At one point I was even diagnosed with heart arrhythmia – probably due to constantly being in survival mode.

“Writing all this down now, I actually realise how bad the situation was back then. I think everyone has a brush with mental illness at some point…but the only cure is mindful and decided change.

“In a way, I feel this song is a funny little caricature and reminder of a quite morbid and real issue in modern society.”

Listen to the track below…

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