The duo soundtracking everything from Louis Theroux docs to their uni life in London.

All clothing ONE TEASPOON

All clothing ONE TEASPOON

“Joy” opens like a delirious lazy summer, with orchestral strings and balmy, barely-there vocals. Then, at two minutes exactly, the song shifts suddenly to a kaleidoscopic pattern of hollow electronic keys and frantic synths. It’s disorientating and comforting at the same time — and totally, entirely new. What else would you expect from a duo fusing jazz and classical string music with electronic production, adding elements of pop and rap, and who cite 00s dubstep, erotic poetry and Louis Theroux amongst their influences?

Jockstrap, made up of Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye — both aged 20 — met through mutual friends in their first year at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. “It’s the best of two people’s worlds”, says Ellery, who writes their melodies and lyrics: “We’re both stubborn, so when we’re working together, we don’t stop until both of us are absolutely happy with it.” In turn, their process is long, considered and meticulous – they spent 8 months making their succinct, six track debut mini-album, November’s Love is the Key to the City.

“But we’re going to be incredibly fluid, the sound won’t stay the same,” she warns, explaining that Skye — who leads Jockstrap’s production — is currently finishing up remixes of their tracks, which they play live alongside the originals. “We just want to be as eclectic as possible,” he agrees. “And we are quite thoughtful people. We’re trying to do this sustainably, not just sign a record deal and drink it all away… It’s too important to us to do that.”

For two friends yet to graduate (a moment of silence for complete freedom, please), Jockstrap are self-assured but enigmatically aloof – they know exactly who they are right now, as for tomorrow? Don’t try to pin them down.

Taken from the Winter 2018/19 issue; out now and available to buy here.

All clothing ONE TEASPOON

All clothing ONE TEASPOON
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