Meet the flute-wielding singer known as Brielle making waves at Coachella and beyond.

April Foolchild1
April Foolchild1

The flute has, perhaps surprisingly, been making waves in the music industry over the past couple of years. From ‘Mask Off’ to ‘Praise the Lord’, the instrument has been behind some of the catchiest hooks and most memorable songs in recent memory, providing a fun, exciting antidote to the seemingly endless slew of trap drums and ad-lib vocals.

At the centre of this woodwind renaissance is AprilFoolChild, aka Brielle, the LA-based musician whose self-proclaimed role as the industry’s #FluteBae has had everyone talking. Following a busy 2018, which involved new music in the form of ‘Hear Me’ and a much-hyped Coachella set, we chat to Brielle about her sound, performing live, and what the future holds.

April Foolchild3
April Foolchild3

Did you always know you wanted to go into music?

I’ve been walking around with pretend microphones since I was a little girl just tryna sing for any and everybody, music has always been my calling. I’m also heavily influenced by my Godmothers, both professional singers, Natalie Cole and Phyllis Hyman. It also helped that my parents played all kinds of music growing up.

How would you describe your sound?

The music business is such a compact thing now, we’re boxing everyone up so it can make ‘sense’, but for me creating is all about the vibe and the evolution of the artist.  I would say my sound is ever-evolving, but it’s definitely pop with a little Philly Soul intertwined. 

When did you start playing the flute?

I was in elementary school, and I had taken piano/ vocal lessons for a couple years, so I was ready to try something new (typical Aries), so I tried the clarinet and hated it. I came back for my next lesson, handed my teacher the clarinet and told him I’d be back next week with a different instrument. The following week I showed up with a flute, and it’s been a part of me ever since. I’m so grateful to have grown up at a time when music was still very much a part of education in America.

Do you think more artists should incorporate instruments into their music and live performances?

I think live music is always more of a vibe, but everyone should do what works for them. The voice is a powerful instrument alone, but with more textures behind it there is definitely something electrifying.

You made quite a stir at Coachella this year, how do people react when you start playing the flute live?

It’s always a trip, I come out and just shed layers. First I’m singing these sweet little melodies, next we’re all twerking and dancing, and then the flute comes out and we’ve transcended. Coachella was a blast though, Hugh Hefner’s son was at my soundcheck and came up after like “wait, was that a flute? I’m glad we hired you” lol. It’s just fun to be in the industry doing what I love and bringing something unique and fresh to the table.

April Foolchild2
April Foolchild2

You directed and produced your own music video – do you always get involved in the visual side of your music?

Yes and no. Sometimes it’s just nice to be the artist and take off a few hats, but when you’re independent you step into other roles to get the job done, know what I mean? For instance, when I was released my single ‘Easy’ with Universal, I had a team come in and do the visual, but for my next project I actually stepped back into the editor’s role to finish up some deadlines. I think I’ll always be somewhat hands on as a creative, it’s just who I am.

How important do you think visuals are for artists and musicians?

So important, it creates a palette for your audience that the music cannot do alone. We get to be vulnerable for our fans, we get to create any story we want to tell. The power of independent art is so exciting right now, the ability to produce content individually is incredible. If you build it, they will come!

Who are your musical inspirations?

I grew up listening to everything, maybe because of my multi-racial background or maybe just because my parents were cool.

What’s your ultimate goal?

To use my powers for good,  and help others use their creativity to heal and thrive. I see myself as a household name in the coming years, and once I’m able to increase my capitol and establish my brand more I’ll be able to give back in many ways. My greatest desire? To create a summer scholarship program for kids worldwide, where they can learn the music history and culture of different countries under some of the greatest teachers/legends.

What’s next for you?

I’m excited to finally be releasing more content, as I know everyone has seen me traveling the world wondering when the music was coming. I’ll be putting out my debut EP at the top of the year, but in the meantime be on the lookout for some diary vibes on my Soundcloud. I went through some traumatic family events over the past couple months, and a big part of the healing for me was in the music. So, I’m releasing some more soulful personal tracks on Soundcloud for my real fans, but the EP will be my usual bubbly stuff. Other than that, I’ll be traveling around the world on my Carmen Sandiego ishh, catch me if you can 😉

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