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Earlier this month, Ariana Grande broke the internet with her astronomical new breed of breakup song, “thank u, next” – name-dropping exes with wild abandon, reinforcing the importance of self-love, and sending the meme world into a feeding frenzy with her confident predictive flex: “at least this song is a smash”. We are not worthy.

We’ve already demonstrably lost our shit over the lyrics, but Ari has been teasing the details of the accompanying visuals, and with refs to Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and more, the level of hysteria is real.

Here’s everything we know so far. Watch the trailer…

Movie night

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way too damn needy

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In this cruel, cold world, there are films we turn to for solace again and again to warm our hearts and remind us that women are big-time smashing it. It’s already been confirmed that our following fave 00s films are the direct inspiration behind the “thank u, next” music video: Mean Girls, Bring It On, Legally Blonde and 13 Going On 30. Yep, it’s okay if you just let out a little involuntary scream.

The greatest people you’ll ever meet

It’s not enough that those beloved 00s films are the inspiration of what’s bound to be Ari’s most viral music video yet (sorry “God is a woman”), but the singer has taken it upon herself to dress up as the main protagonists. Donning a cheerleading uniform as Torrance Shipman in Bring It On. A blonde wig and mini skirt as Regina George in Mean Girls. A fluffy pink bandeau as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde. And a glossy selfie with the caption “big time magazine editor” as Jenna Rink in 13 Going On 30.

Aaron Samuels

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Aaron ❤️ Regina. Thank U, Next

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October 3 is basically a national holiday because it’s when Cady Heron asked him what day it is, and we all know his hair looks sexy pushed back, but now, all the Insta-proof leads towards the fact that the Mean Girls’ OG heartthrob Aaron Samuels (actor Jonathan Bennett) is reprising his role.

Burn book 2.0

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coming soon

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The burn book will go down in history as the condemning scrapbook that launched the students of North Shore High School into a vicious hallway fight, pitting its female students against each other through cruel comments and rumours. But Ariana’s music video version, with “thank u, next” emblazoned on the front, looks to be a positive, empowering ex-catalogue. Bye boy.

Details, details

What would our fave 00s screen moments be without the lush plot details? Nothing. Luckily nothing gets past Ariana Grande, so get ready for an I-Spy spotting-game of references when the video drops. From the barrage of Instagram posts, it looks like we can expect Bruiser the chihuahua, Elle Wood’s retro orange MacBook in Legally Blonde, and the glittery dolls house in Jenna’s cupboard in 13 Going On 30.


While we very much stan the main characters in all our guilty pleasure films, they’re nothing without their gang – and Ari gets it. So we’re going to be privy to a Plastics reuinion, but this time comprised of all of the singer’s IRL best mates. And also a reimagining of the rival cheerleading gang in Bring It On, the East Compton Clovers (but this time featuring singers Tayla Parx, and Victoria Monét, and profesh dancers Patience Aquart, Luz Remigio-Frias and Nekai Johnson). So fetch.


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new best friend …. thank u, next

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We already know Aaron Samuels is returning, and also eternal fave Jennifer Coolidge as nail technician Paulette (we better see the bend and snap). But other stars have also posted teasers of their inclusion in the vid: i.e. comedian Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) in a Bring It On cheerleading uniform, showing off her v. v. pregnant frame. Plus, Ariana has hinted about casting someone new to play Regina’s mum in this Mean Girls reboot (originally starring Amy Poehler). And, pause for scream, the freshly-dropped trailer features a cameo from her “Dance To This” co-star and Wonderbabe Troye Sivan. Excited doesn’t even cut it.

Maybelle Morgan

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