The London-based singer releases her defiant debut single.

olivia reason to stay wonderland premiere
olivia reason to stay wonderland premiere

London-based singer, Olivia, has released a defiant, straight-talking debut single: ‘Reason To Stay.’ Written after an argument with her boyfriend, the catchy, vibrant single is a powerful statement about honesty, and sure to be a hit. Speaking of the song, Olivia said: “It is about how I don’t stand for any bullshit basically. It’s a reminder, it’s cool to be honest and the truth always comes out in the end anyway. It don’t cost you to care, Trust is a virtue that we should share.”

Daughter to Jamaican/Guyanese and English parents, Olivia has been performing her whole life, going from gospel choir to busking in the streets to the acclaimed BRIT school in pursuit of her passion. Having gone on the road with Rudimental and honed her songwriting in the studio, her songs encapsulate typical London Friday-night-pub storytelling – falling in love with a boy that loves a shandy, getting wolf whistled in the street, or (as in Reason To Stay) her boyfriend telling a white lie and being exposed on speakerphone. Naming everyone from Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Carole King as inspiration, it’s the artists with an original sound and engaging storyline that she really admires “where the music reads like a book, and each song feels like the next chapter”.

Listen to ‘Reason To Stay’ below.